APA Achievement Award for Early Career Psychologists

The program is designed to increase representation of outstanding early career members at the APA convention, particularly first-time attendees.


Sponsor: Committee on Early Career Psychologists


The Committee on Early Career Psychologists (CECP) is pleased to announce the achievement award program for early career members from all areas of psychology (education, practice, public interest and science) to attend APA's Annual Convention in 2018. Approximately ten recipients will receive reimbursement of up to $400 in convention-related expenses (this can cover travel, lodging, meals and/or convention registration fees). The program is designed to reduce barriers to early career members’ attendance at APA convention and support their ability to make meaningful connections and engage in their own professional development. The $400 reimbursement will be provided upon submission of receipts directly related to convention expenses if mailed within three weeks following convention.

Additional awards may be distributed when more allies and supporters of this award fund come forward. If you are interested in supporting this endeavor, and helping ECPs experience the power of Convention, please contact Eddy Ameen for further details.


Applicants must be an APA early career member (within ten years’ receipt of their doctorate) and be committed to attend the 126th APA Annual Convention in San Francisco, CA. All practitioners, researchers and educators are encouraged to apply.

Award recipients will be asked to provide a brief summary of their experience at convention and professional growth due to the experience. Recipients are also strongly encouraged to attend the ECP social hour, generally Friday evening of convention, during which the awards will be presented.

How to Apply

Submission Materials

1. As the first page of a PDF, include a brief statement (maximum one page single-spaced) about your interest in attending the convention and how you will use this award to support your attendance.

  • Please highlight any significant achievements in your career as well as any leadership positions you have held as an early career psychologist.
  • Indicate how you believe you would benefit from attending the convention.

2. After the statement, include your curriculum vitae (ensuring the year you were awarded a doctorate in psychology is clearly stated).

Please merge these documents into one PDF file. You can use a number of online programs to merge files such as this one.

Online Submission Process

Please apply online. A functional link will appear here at least a month before the deadline.

The deadline for submission of materials is Wednesday, May 8, 2019, promptly at 5 p.m. EST, 2 p.m. PST.

Award notifications will be distributed in early June. Winners will be provided instructions to request reimbursement, and will also be acknowledged during the Early Career Social Hour sponsored by the Committee on Early Career Psychologists at convention.

Past Recipients

2017 Award Winners

The Committee on Early Career Psychologists (CECP) would like to thank all of the candidates that applied for the 2017 APA Early Career Achievement Awards. The winners were selected from among an extraordinary pool of candidates based on their achievements and demonstration of astute leadership in the field of psychology. In except two cases where awardees cannot travel (marked by *), all awardees will receive convention travel reimbursement. CECP is pleased to thank the following allies who have made these awards possible: The National Register of Health Service Psychologists (our premier sponsor), the APA Membership Office, and the APA Office on Early Career Psychologists. Please join the CECP in congratulating the following winners:

  • Darrin Aase, PhD

  • Apryl Alexander, PsyD

  • Prerna Arora, PhD*

  • Kim Baranowski, PhD

  • Theodore Cosco, PhD*

  • Graham Danzer, PsyD

  • Abbey Hughes, PhD

  • Stacy-Ann January, PhD

  • Sarah Jenkins, PhD

  • Taryn Myers, PhD

  • Maggie Syme, PhD, MPH

  • Chrysalis Wright, PhD

2016 Award Winners

  • Brian Christens, PhD

  • Joseph Cohen, PhD

  • Ella Daniel, PhD

  • Romano Endrighi, PhD

  • Aaron Fischer, PhD

  • David Guggenheim, PsyD

  • Benjamin Hampstead, PhD

  • Stacy Hutton, PhD

  • Minjeong Jeon, PhD

  • Rebecca Lahann, PsyD

  • Lisa Matero, PhD

  • Amanda Mitchell, PhD

  • Jessica Moore, PhD

  • Adam Pearson, PhD

  • Krista Ranby, PhD

  • Eva Reed-Knight, PhD

  • Anthony Rosellini, PhD

  • Elizabeth Russell, PhD

  • Jiabin Shen, PhD

  • Max Shmidheiser, PsyD

  • Meghan Stacy, PhD

  • Mark Stillman, PhD

  • Miranda Vincins, PsyD

  • Rachel Waford, PhD

  • Michael Wheaton, PhD

  • Peggy Zoccola, PhD

2015 Award Winners

  • Adrienne Carter-Sowell, PhD

  • Alice Ann Holland, PhD

  • Allison Ilem, PhD

  • Astrea Greig, PhD

  • Carrie Pilarski, PhD

  • Cassidy Gutner, PhD

  • Donald Grant, PhD

  • Edward Wright, PhD

  • Jana Tran, PhD

  • Jeffrey Spielberg, PhD

  • Jessy Warner-Cohen, PhD

  • Joanna Buscemi, PhD

  • Julianne Flanagan, PhD

  • Julien Perille, PsyD

  • Katy Gaines, PhD

  • Lisa Peterson, PhD

  • Mindy Shoss, PhD

  • Monica Chenard, PsyD

  • Naomi Samimi Sadeh, PhD

  • Nekeshia Hammond, PsyD

  • Rebecca Pasillas, PhD

  • Richard Achiro, PhD

  • Richard Liu, PhD

  • Sally Grapin, PhD

  • Lauren DeCaporale-Ryan, PhD

2014 Award Winners

  • Darrin Aase, PhD

  • Wondimu Ahmed, PhD

  • Elizabeth Alvy, PhD

  • Dana Basnight-Brown, PhD

  • Ayoka Bell, PsyD

  • Paul Cantz, PsyD

  • Shuki Cohen, PhD

  • Sara Davin, PsyD

  • Nathaly Desmarais, PsyD

  • Casey Dexter, PhD

  • Anna Docherty, PhD

  • Mihaela Dranoff, PhD

  • Kristi Gamarel, PhD

  • Georica Gholson, PhD

  • Liz Gunderson, PhD

  • Emma Hettrich, PsyD

  • Emily Jackson, PhD

  • Dawn Jewell, PsyD

  • Miliani Jimenez, PhD

  • David King, PhD

  • Skye Margolies, PhD

  • Marc Martinez, PhD

  • Samuel McQuillin, PhD

  • Meghan Miller, PhD

  • Wael Mohamed, PhD

  • Andrew Moon, PsyD

  • Shavonne Moore, PhD

  • Kelly Mulvey, PhD

  • Christina Olezeski, PhD

  • Isaiah Pickens, PhD

  • Nicole Quinlan, PhD

  • Timothy Ralston, PhD

  • Christina Rebholz, PsyD

  • Amanda Reed, PhD

  • Rebecca Richey, PsyD

  • Pedro Saez, PhD

  • Rebecca Schlegel, PhD

  • Emily Selby-Nelson, PsyD

  • Jennifer Sweeton, PsyD

  • Jordan Troisi, PhD

2013 Award Winners

  • Julie M. Bugg, PhD

  • Joaquin Burciaga, PhD

  • Mylien T. Duong, PhD

  • Whitney Ence, PhD

  • Robin S. Everhart, PhD

  • Ruth A. Gentry, PhD

  • Arcaceli Gonzales, PhD

  • John Paul Jameson, PhD

  • David P. Johnson, PhD

  • Alfonso Mercado, PhD

  • Allecia Reid, PhD

  • Galena Rhoades, PhD

  • Katina B. Sawyer, PhD

  • Dustin J. Stairs, PhD

  • Michael L. Sulkowski, PhD

  • Erin Tooley, PhD

  • Ranak Trivedi, PhD

  • Katja Upadyaya, PhD

  • Sherrie L. Wilcox, PhD

  • Cortney Wolfe-Christensen, PhD 

2012 Award Winners

  • Amy Camodeca, PhD, Coraopolis, Pa. (Member since 2012)

  • Von M. Charana-Cruz, PhD, Brooklyn, N.Y. (Member since 2011)

  • Molly S. Clark, PhD, Brandon, Miss. (Member since 2003)

  • Shana Cohen, PhD, Riverside, Calif. (Member since 2011)

  • Jana M. Hackathorn, PhD, Murray, Ky. (Member since 2008)

  • Anitha lyer-Kothari, PhD, Long Beach, Calif. (Member since 2007)

  • Cindra S. Kamphoff, PhD, Mankato, Minn. (Member since 2011)

  • Tracy S. Kretzmer, PhD, Tampa, Fla. (Member since 1997)

  • Chun-l Li, PhD, Alhambra, Calif. (Member since 2010)

  • Yue Ma, PhD, Wesley Chapel, Fla. (Member since 2012)

  • Rosemarie Manfredi, PsyD, Elkins Park, Pa. (Member since 2001)

  • Maria J. Marquine, PhD, Chicago (Member since 2004)

  • Anthony C. Perez, PhD, Durham, N.C. (Member since 2002)

  • Kristina T. Phillips, PhD, Denver (Member since 1999)

  • Traci M. Scherdell, PsyD, Baltimore (Member since 2005)

  • Kimber Shelton, PhD, Lithonia, Ga. (Member since 2006)

  • Lryna A. Temchenko-Kasi, PhD, Conway, Ark. (Member since 2006)

  • Kenneth Trevino, PhD, Dallas (Member since 2010)

  • Jack Y. Tsan, PhD, Waco, Texas (Member since 2003)

  • Carolyn E. Waldecker, PsyD, Westbury, N.Y. (Member since 2007)

2011 Award Winners

  • Stephanie Afful, PhD, (Member since 2007)

  • Erin Andrews, PsyD (Member since 2008)

  • Valerie Futch, PhD, (Member since 2011)

  • Jessica Good, PhD, (Member since 2011)

  • Katherine D. Hoerster, PhD, (Member since 2010)

  • Laura Johnson, PsyD (Member since 2008)

  • J. Kiley-Hamlin, PhD, (non-member)

  • Laura Linebarger, PsyD (Member since 2010)

  • Taryn A, Myers, PhD, (Member since 2010)

  • Sid O’Bryant, PhD, (Member since 2004)

  • Asil Ozdogru, PhD, (Member since 2010)

  • Dalin Pulsipher, PhD, (Member since 2010)

  • Hannah-Lise Tirado Schofield, PhD, (Member since 2009)