When are APA convention proposals due?
Upcoming APA convention proposal deadlines for convention workshops, CE workshops and division workshops are announced shortly after each year's convention.
Can nonmembers submit convention proposals?

A nonmember of APA may submit a proposal if an APA member is a coauthor of the presentation or sponsors the proposal. An invitation from a division program committee to submit a proposal constitutes the required sponsorship of nonmember participants.

Psychologists who hold a PhD (or PhD equivalent) and who are members of a national psychology organization that holds membership in the International Union of Psychological Science are relieved of the requirement to find a sponsor for APA convention submissions. To waive this requirement, please provide evidence of the degree held and membership in a national psychology association that is a National Member (or that is part of a coalition that constitutes the national member) of the International Union of Psychological Science.

Invitations to nonmembers of APA are issued at the discretion of the divisions and their program chairpersons. Ultimately, the divisions are responsible for the nature and quality of their programs, and the only restrictions on programs are those that can be derived from the ethical principles of APA.

How do I submit a proposal?
All convention programs must be submitted online with APA's Call for Programs.
How do I know if my proposal has been accepted?
APA will notify you if your proposal has been accepted.