Psychological Science Agenda

A publication of the Science Directorate
September 2017 |Vol. 31, No. 9
Loneliness is associated with ill-health
Science Brief

How loneliness can make you sick

New insights from studies of gene expression.


Research Snapshots

  • In brief
    Snapshots of some of the latest peer-reviewed research within psychology and related fields.

From the Science Student Council

Science Highlights from the September Monitor

  • Maximizing children's resilience
    New psychological research points the way toward boosting resilience in children at risk, particularly the importance of supporting parents and early interventions for children and adolescents.
  • Adapting for age
    The CREATE Center explores how older adults use technology and develops tools and training programs to meet their needs.
  • 4 questions for Mitch Prinstein
    The UNC–Chapel Hill director of clinical psychology offers insights on how popularity in adolescence — or a lack of it — shapes people's lives.
  • A gatekeeper for big data in genomics
    As a program director at the National Human Genome Research Institute, Vivian Ota Wang shapes how researchers access vast amounts of biomedical data.
  • The link between food and mental health
    New research connects nutrition and mental illness, though more rigorous research is needed.
  • Boosting productivity
    Research identifies small changes that lead to big improvements in performance.
  • How much do today's psychologists earn?
    The latest salary report from APA finds that psychologists in the middle of the country outearn their peers.
  • By the numbers: Stress on campus
    College and university counseling centers are seeing an uptick in the number of students seeking help.