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Uplifting Youth Through Healthy Communication About Race
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What is RES?

What Is RES?

Racial and Ethnic Socialization (RES) is the process through which children learn about race. 
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Engaging My Child: Parent Tip Tool

Learn how to engage in RES with children of all ages.

Books About Race and Ethnicity

Books for children of all ages, parents & teachers.

Featured Blog Entries

Explore this series from APA's Psychology Benefits Society blog on talking to kids about race and ethnicity
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Psychology Benefits Society

Black Pain, Black Joy, and Racist Fear: Supporting Black Children in a Hostile World

When it seems like Black children are mistreated for expressing anger, fear, joy, or for simply existing, it can be a daunting task to protect them from harm while allowing them thrive

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Psychology Benefits Society

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child: Racial and Ethnic Socialization (RES) Beyond the Curriculum

Answering tough questions on topics like race and ethnicity is a challenge that teachers will have to face

African American family dancing
Psychology Benefits Society

“Shall We Dance?” How Parents Can Work Together to Teach Kids About Race

RES does not come with an instructional dance guide but working together to teach your children about race is achievable.

Recommended Resources

Explore our recommended blogs and organizations who put out new content on a regular basis
Embrace Race

A multiracial community of parents, teachers, experts and other caring adults who support each other to meet the challenges that race poses to our children, families and communities.
The Racial Empowerment Collaborative

A research, program development and training center that brings together community leaders, researchers, authority figures, families and youth to study and promote racial literacy and health in schools and neighborhoods.
National Black Child Development Institute

A powerful and effective voice on issues related to the education, care and health of black children and their families.

External Blogs & Websites

Talking with Kids about Race

How to Talk to Your Child about Race (ages 5-8)

Teaching Young Children about Race: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
Teaching for Change

How to Teach Kids about Race
PBS Parents

6 Ways to Talk to Kids About Race and Cultural Diversity
verywell family

Talking to our Children about Racism & Diversity
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights

Why Should I Talk to My Kids about Race?

The Impact of Racial Socialization (PDF, 336K) 
Office of Child Development 

Should we talk to young Children about Race? 
Psychology Today

Interracial Parenting

"Racially Conscious” Parenting in a "Colorblind" Society (PDF, 306KB)  
Pact Adoption Alliance

Helping Your Child Develop a Positive Racial/Ethnic Identity (PDF, 61KB)    
Pact Adoption Alliance

Research on RES

African American Family Strengths and Strategies Lab      
AAFSS Lab is devoted to bridging science and culture to improve mental health and well-being in youth, families and communities of color

Engaging, Managing, and Bonding through Race      
EMBRace works specifically with African-American youth (ages 10-14) and their parent(s) to confront racial trauma and stress while promoting family strength and bonding

Resilience and Healthy Development

Respecting Differences: Everyday Ways to Teach Children About Respect    
PBS Parents

Raising Race Conscious Children    
Support for adults who are trying to talk about race with young children

Fostering Resilience    
Preparing children and teens to thrive through both good and challenging times

Cradle to Prison Pipeline Fact Sheet (PDF, 215KB )    
Children's Defense Fund

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RES relates to all racial and cultural backgrounds. Our current materials address the African-American community but over time we will expand to other racial and ethnic groups.