About the RESilience Initiative

Uplifting Youth Through Healthy Communication About Race
About the RESilience Initiative


The goals of RESilience are to address the effects of racism, racial bias and discrimination through:
Boy playing

Increasing knowledge of racial and ethnic socialization as an important part of identity development.

Boy reading

Increasing the effective use of racial and ethnic socialization.

Parent and child

Supporting parents in managing their own experiences while helping their children learn positive messages about race and ethnicity.

Therapist with family

Increasing attention to RES and related issues among researchers, research funders, practitioners, educators and other stakeholders.

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Children are taught to notice differences between shapes and colors from a young age. Consequently, they also start noticing differences in the people around them. You are critical in guiding how they handle these differences.


Meet the RESilience team
Lauren G. Caldwell, JD, PhD

Lauren G. Caldwell, JD, PhD, is the director of the Children, Youth and Families Office (CYFO) of the American Psychological Association. The CYFO coordinates and tracks APA initiatives related to children, youth and families across the organization. Housed in the Public Interest Directorate, CYFO works to fulfill APA's commitment to applying the science and practice of psychology to the fundamental problems of human welfare and the promotion of equitable and just treatment of all segments of society through education, program delivery, and policy design and implementation.

Keyona King-Tsikata

Keyona King-Tsikata is the director of the Office on Socioeconomic Status (OSES) of the American Psychological Association. OSES is responsible for directing, overseeing, facilitating and promoting psychology's contribution to the understanding of SES and the lives and well-being of the poor. As such, the office works to develop and facilitate relationships and activities to advance psychology as a major force in research, policy and advocacy related to SES.

Tiffany G. Townsend, PhD

Tiffany G. Townsend, PhD, is the senior director of the Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs (OEMA) at the American Psychological Association. OEMA works to increase the scientific understanding of the ways in which culture pertains to psychology and ethnicity influences behavior. This is accomplished, in part, by ensuring the appropriate training and development of psychologists who can adequately work with our nation's ethnically diverse society and move the extant literature concerning multicultural psychology forward. The office also promotes the development of public policies that support the concerns of psychologists of color and the communities they serve.

Riana Anderson, PhD

Riana Anderson, PhD, visiting scholar, is a Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in the Human Development and Quantitative Methods division at the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education. Her current fellowship is with Howard Stevenson, PhD, in the Racial Empowerment Collaborative, which centers on cultural pride, coping and parenting, culturally specific parenting strategies, and other ways of reducing race-related stress.

Shawn C. T. Jones, PhD

Shawn C. T. Jones, PhD, visiting scholar, is a National Science Foundation Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow in the Human Development and Quantitative Methods division at the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education. Currently, Shawn works with Stevenson in the Racial Empowerment Collaborative, which centers on applied research to promote racial literacy and empower families as a means of reducing the deleterious impact of race-related stress.

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RES relates to all racial and cultural backgrounds. Our current materials address the African-American community but over time we will expand to other racial and ethnic groups.