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    Integrative Systemic Therapy With Couples

    By Pinsof, William M.

    This DVD demonstrates and discusses an approach that integrates diverse therapeutic strategies and techniques within a multisystemic sequential framework.

    September 2017 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Prescriptive Integrative Play Therapy

    By Drewes, Athena A.

    This DVD demonstrates an approach to middle childhood play therapy that consists of a prescriptive, integrative method.

    September 2017 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Resolving Problematic Reactions in Emotion-Focused Therapy

    By Elliott, Robert

    This DVD introduces systematic evocative unfolding, a technique designed to reprocess a puzzling reaction to a situation in a person's life.

    August 2017 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Forgiveness in Couple Therapy

    By Worthington, Everett L. Jr.; Sandage, Steven J.

    This DVD discusses how to effectively manage forgiveness within the context of couple therapy using an evidence-based, spiritually-oriented relational approach.

    August 2017 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement in Practice

    By Kaufman, Keith A.

    This DVD demonstrates mindful sport performance enhancement, a mental training program designed to help athletes, coaches, and other performers develop a set of core skills that can facilitate peak performance and optimal experience.

    August 2017 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Restoring Trust After Infidelity

    By Josephs, Lawrence

    This DVD demonstrates an integrative mentalization-based approach for helping couples manage conflicts and emotional dysregulation.

    June 2017 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    The Process of Change in Integrative Therapy

    By Fraser, J. Scott

    This DVD discusses the process paradigm, which proposes that all problems are vicious cycles, shaped by context, that effective treatments intercept and reverse.

    June 2017 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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