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    Couples Experiencing Commitment Uncertainty

    By Owen, Jesse; Strokoff, Johanna

    This DVD demonstrates a clinical intervention led by establishing a secure attachment between partners and helping couples identify their emotional needs, often hidden amongst conflict.

    June 2018 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Emotion-Focused Couple Therapy

    By Goldman, Rhonda N.

    This DVD demonstrates an approach to therapy in two sessions, each with a different couple experiencing a conflict marked by a pursuing and distancing cycle and covering deeper emotional wounds.

    June 2018 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Adoption-Specific Therapy in Practice

    By Waterman, Jill

    This DVD demonstrates the initial parent session of ADAPT, a manualized therapeutic approach that combines evidence-based treatments for children and families with best practices from the attachment and adoption literature.

    May 2018 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Functional Analysis and Behavioral Activation for Substance Use

    By Lejuez, Carl W.

    This DVD demonstrates and discusses an approach to therapy with a client seeking treatment for comorbid substance use and depression.

    April 2018 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Adolescent Depression

    By Curry, John F.

    This DVD demonstrates a cognitive-behavioral approach that is based in developmental psychopathology and social cognitive learning theory, and typically includes behavioral activation, problem-solving, and cognitive restructuring.

    March 2018 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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    Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

    By Gold, Steven N.

    This DVD demonstrates an approach to working with clients experiencing complex PTSD that focuses initially on helping them improve their quality of life in the present.

    March 2018 | DVD [Closed Captioned]

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