APA Style Quick Answers

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Quick Answers: References

How to cite websites, e-books, interviews, Facebook, Twitter, video (e.g., YouTube) and DOIs; use in-text citations (not footnotes); and cite references (not a bibliography).

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Quick Answers—Formatting

Formatting your paper in APA Style: running heads, margins, heading levels, lists, tables, figures, table of contents, title page, serial comma and quotations.

APA Style Guides


APA-Style Helper

APA-Style HelpberAPA-Style Helper software has been discontinued.

Visit the APA Style Blog, the APA Style website, or APA Style CENTRAL (available to institutional subscribers) for information and tips for writing in APA Style.

Optimal Data Analysis Software

cover of Optimal Data Analysis: A Guidebook With Software for Windows Optimal Data Analysis: A Guidebook With Software for Windows is a powerful system for examining information and making predictions.

The supplemental site provides additional information, including a troubleshooting guide and frequently asked questions.

Visit the supplemental site.