APA forms work group to review conflict of interest policies for board, committee, task force and council members

APA has named six individuals to serve on its new Conflict of Interest Work Group.

APA has named six individuals to serve on its new Conflict of Interest (COI) Work Group. APA’s Council Leadership Team was asked by the council at its August 2015 meeting to create a work group to review current COI policies and make recommendations for annual COI policies “for each board, committee, task force and council member.” The need for such a work group arose in the wake of the Independent Review led by David Hoffman, which found a number of conflict of interest practices within APA that were problematic.

The following individuals have joined the Conflict of Interest Work Group:

Kevin D. Arnold, PhD, ABPP
Director, The Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy of Greater Columbus
Clinical faculty member, Ohio State University Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health 

Kevin D. Arnold, PhD, ABPP Arnold has served in numerous APA governance roles, including the Commission for the Recognition of Specialties and Proficiencies in Professional Psychology and the Council of Specialties. As a member of Ohio’s State Board of Psychology, he helped resolve conflict of interest issues both for board members and for those who were the subject of disciplinary actions.

Jason A. Cantone, JD, PhD

Research associate, Federal Judicial Center

Jason A. Cantone, JD, PhDCantone focuses his research on legal decision making. His current research explores unlawful discrimination in the workplace, the use of alternative dispute resolution, allocation of judicial resources by judges, the role of counterfactual thinking in juror decision-making and how the intersection of social psychology and law can inform decision-making processes.

Jean Lau Chin, EdD

Professor, Adelphi University

Jean Lau Chin, EdD Chin, past chair of APA’s Council Leadership Team and a current APA council member, will chair the new work group and coordinate its work. Chin is a licensed psychologist and has held various leadership and management roles as executive director of a community health center, co-director of a child guidance clinic and regional director at a managed care company.

Le Ondra Clark Harvey, PhD

Chief policy consultant, California State Assembly Business and Professions Committee

Le Ondra Clark Harvey, PhDIn her role with the state assembly, Harvey and her staff analyze legislation that affects licensed professionals throughout the state. She has served on several national and local boards and committees including the Association of Black Psychologists, APAGS Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs, APA Div. 35 section 1 and the Sacramento County Public Health Advisory Board. She currently serves as the advisor to student members of the Association of Black Psychologists, as secretary of the Association of Black Psychologists and as a co-chair of the APA Committee on Early Career Psychologists. 

Steven Reisner, PhD

Steven Reisner, PhDReisner has been active in combating torture in all its forms and is a leader in the movement to remove psychologists and other health professionals from their central role in the U.S.’s “enhanced interrogation” program. In addition to his political advocacy, Reisner has been a consultant on issues of trauma, torture, political violence, ethics, disaster response and resilience in the face of catastrophic events for the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, the International Organization for Migrations, and other international humanitarian and mental health organizations.

Stephen D. Rosenthal, JD
Partner, Troutman Sanders LLP

Stephen D. Rosenthal, JDA former Virginia attorney general, Rosenthal represents clients in a broad spectrum of industries, including financial services, health care, pharmaceuticals and insurance. He represents clients in professional licensing and administrative litigation matters before health regulatory boards, as well as applicants for cetificates of public need. Rosenthal is the 2015 chair and public member of APA’s Commission for the Recognition of Specialties and Proficiencies in Professional Psychology.

APA staff liaison Associate General Counsel Jesse Raben will provide support to the group.