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    Little Worlds

    By Collet, Géraldine

    This book shows a diverse group of children in their own self-constructed little worlds as they explore and play freely, develop their own identities, and learn to understand others.

    February 2018 | Hardcover

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    Mom's Busy Days

    By Raucy, Elise

    This book explains to children that while parents have a lot to do, even the busiest families can find time to savor those little moments and special time together.

    February 2018 | Hardcover

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    Line and Dot

    By Cauchy, Véronique

    This book creatively shows the importance of accepting, learning from, and living peacefully through individuality, differences, and diversity.

    March 2018 | Hardcover

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    Baxter and Danny Stand Up to Bullying

    By Foley, James M.

    When Baxter, Danny, and the rest of the forest animals are picked on by Buford Blue Jay, they have to figure out what to do. They learn how to fight bullying by standing up tall, saying nice things, and sticking together as friends.

    March 2018 | Hardcover

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    Big Brave Bold Sergio

    By Wagenbach, Debbie

    This book teaches kids how to stand up for kindness and compassion in the face of peer pressure.

    March 2018 | Hardcover

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    A Feel Better Book for Little Tempers

    By Brochmann, Holly; Bowen, Leah

    This book helps young children who are just beginning to recognize and identify their emotions understand how anger feels and affects them. Readers are taught that it’s okay to get mad, if you know what to do.

    March 2018 | Hardcover

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