Are they staring at me because I look silly?
What if I mess up in my presentation — will everyone laugh at me?
What if I fail at swim tryouts?
I'll be so embarrassed!

Thomas has always been a bit shy, but recently his nervousness has been getting in the way of the things he would like to do. He realizes it may be time to talk to someone.

With the help of his parents and a therapist, Thomas learns how social anxiety affects his brain, and everyday tools and strategies to cope with and combat it.

Includes a Dear Reader and a Note to Parents with more information on social anxiety in preteens, and the cognitive-behavioral strategies you can use to cope with it.

About the Author

Ellen Flanagan Burns is a school psychologist and the author of Nobody's Perfect: A Story for Children About Perfectionism and Ten Turtles on Tuesday; A Story for Children About Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

She devotes her writing to helping children overcome anxiety. She believes that children's books can be a powerful therapeutic tool and supports cognitive-based interventions for children with anxiety-related issues.

About the Illustrator

Anthony Lewis graduated from the Liverpool School of Art with a first class honors degree in illustration. Since then, Anthony has illustrated more than 400 children's books for publishers worldwide; from the simplest baby board books to large 200 page anthologies of myths.

During his career, he has drawn many varied subjects, from the life cycle of a frog to the life story of Mozart!

Anthony lives in a small rural village in Cheshire, England with his wife Kathryn, children Isabella, Emilia, and Rory, and two cats, Diesel and Harry.