Priscilla liked collecting things.

Not any one type of thing in particular. She collected little things, big things, ordinary things, just things in general. Priscilla was a pack rat.

Priscilla tries to pick out birthday presents for her friends, but has trouble parting with her favorite finds. In the end, Priscilla learns to value the party — and her friends — more than the presents!

Includes a Note to Parents and Other Caregivers by Elizabeth McCallum, PhD, with more information about cutting down on clutter, and the difference between collecting and potential hoarding behaviors.

Reviews & Awards
  • Winner, Children's Fiction, 2016 Independent Press Awards
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Claudine Crangle has first-hand experience as a pack rat. She searched for months filling her pockets with all of the things you find in this book. Now that she has shared them here, she is excited about giving them all away to make room for new adventures. Learn more at her website.