Meet Maddie. She sometimes forgets her homework, and she daydreams in class. She's smart and helpful. She doesn't bother other kids and she never ever gets into trouble! So, could she really have AD/HD?

With Attention, Girls! you'll meet other girls with AD/HD just like you and you'll learn lots of ways to take charge of your life. This book has tons of strategies and tips for you to:

  • Learn all about AD/HD
  • Get organized
  • Pay attention
  • Make and keep friends
  • Deal with your emotions
  • Understand medication
  • And so much more!

So get reading and soon you'll get back to the business of being you!

About the Author

Patricia O. Quinn, MD, is a developmental pediatrician in Washington, DC. Dr. Quinn obtained her medical degree from Georgetown University Medical School. She completed a pediatric internship at Georgetown University Medical Center, a pediatric fellowship in Developmental Pediatrics and Pediatric Psychopharmacology at Georgetown Hospital, and a Pediatric Level 2 residency at Georgetown University Medical Center.

Dr. Quinn is a well-known international speaker and conducts workshops nationwide about ADHD, and has authored several best-selling and groundbreaking books on the topic. In the last decade, she has devoted her attention professionally to the issues confronting girls and women with ADD (ADHD) with a particular interest on the relationship of a mother and child with ADHD. She also feels a strong commitment to working with teenagers and college students with ADHD, helping them to identify and manage issues specific to their age group. In 2000, Dr. Quinn received the CHADD Hall of Fame Award.

About the Illustrator
Hailing from the beautiful country of Wales, Carl Pearce claims to have spent the majority of his childhood outdoors and neck-deep in trouble. A rascal as a boy, he now enjoys spending time at the beach, drawing, doing photography, reading in the bath, and watching crazy movies. He doubts that he'll ever grow up!
Reviews & Awards
  • ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Finalist, Juvenile Non-Fiction
  • Moonbeam Children's Book Award for Health Issues (Gold)
  • An Honors NAPPA (National Parenting Publications Awards) Winner!
  • Washington Book Publishers' 2010 Book Design & Effectiveness Award, First Place for Illustrated Text

In readable, concise chapters that encourage readers to jump around, Quinn advises girls on everything from tips on organizing and gaining control over ADHD without medication to tricks for swallowing a pill…positive, persuasive, and informative without lecturing.

Parents, read this with your daughters. Girls, share it with your friends. Teachers, grandparents — anyone who knows a girl with ADHD — pick up a copy of this wonderful book!
—ADDittude Magazine