Melanie, Annie, and Steven Ford pack lots of simple truths and "I have been through it" advice into this wise little book about their struggles and triumphs through their parents' divorce.

Now in its second edition, with more insights and humor from cartoonist Charles Beyl, this is the guide for kids with divorced parents, from some of the best teachers around — kids like themselves!

About the Authors

Jann Blackstone-Ford is a certified mediator in Northern California who specializes in divorce and stepfamily conflict resolution. She is the author of many books on divorce and parenting, including Ex-Etiquette for Parents, with Sharyl Jupe. She has been a guest expert on The Today Show, The Early Show, Good Morning America, and Oprah. In 1999, Jann founded Bonus Families, a non-profit organization dedicated to the peaceful coexistence between divorced or separated parents and their new families.

Melanie, Anee (Annie), and Steven Ford live in Northern California. Mel and Anee still have very different personalities, but they both chose to become hairstylists, and Steven is a college student pursuing a degree in Fire Science. You can write to them on Bonus Families, where they host a forum just for kids.

About the Illustrator

Charles Beyl creates humorous illustrations for books, magazines, and newspapers from his studio high atop an old Pennsylvania farmhouse, surrounded by his family, and his personal assistant Iris, a six-year-old black Labrador. Look for more of his work in Learning to Slow Down and Pay Attention, Blue Cheese Breath and Stinky Feet: How to Deal with Bullies, and The Working Mother's Guilt Guide.

Reviews & Awards
  • An American Booksellers Association "Pick of the Lists"

Praise for the First Edition

We all know a child who is living with a divorce or is about to be. This is an ideal book for parents, friends, counselors, and children who need to discuss their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. The question and answer format is easy to follow, especially by children who are seeking advice. This little paperback is just the right dose of advice from the source.
American Booksellers Magazine

…a kid-to-kid, heart-to-heart look at the realities of divorce. In a simple, conversational tone, the Fords offer advice on everything from dealing with arguments to welcoming a new baby into a blended household. It's sure to soothe children learning to cope with a changing family.
—Catherine Cartwright, Associate Editor, Working Mother Magazine