This book is for children who are ready for the complete but basic story about sexual reproduction. With text and illustrations, it explains in simple terms the male and female body; human sexuality; the physiology of conception, pregnancy, and fetal development; and birth. This is a fact-based book, rather than a personalized story about mommy and daddy and how you were made.

This book was developed with extensive input from psychologists, educators, and parents and includes a note from the authors on how to discuss sexuality with children.

About the Authors

Jane Annunziata, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist with a private practice specializing in children and families in McLean, Virginia. She serves on the clinical faculty of George Washington University's Doctor of Psychology program. As a writer, she has contributed parent guidance sections to many children's books on such topics as shyness, parental depression, and a new baby in the family.

Marc Nemiroff, PhD, serves on the core faculty of the Washington School of Psychiatry's Infant and Young Children Mental Health Training Program and the clinical faculty of George Washington University's Doctor of Psychology program. He is also an Affiliate Member of the Baltimore-District of Columbia Society for Psychoanalysis, and he maintains a private practice for the treatment of children in Potomac, Maryland.

Dr. Annunziata and Dr. Nemiroff are the authors of A Child's First Book About Play Therapy, Help is on the Way: A Child's Book About ADD, and Why Am I an Only Child?. Sex & Babies: First Facts is their fourth book together.

About the Illustrator

Denise Ortakales has loved cutting and crafting with paper since childhood. She holds a degree in illustration from the Art Institute of Boston, and teaches art at McIntosh College. Her award-winning paper sculpture illustrations have enlivened the pages of children's magazines such as Spider, Ladybug, and Cobblestone, as well as many grown-up publications, including Consumer Reports and the Utne Reader. This is her third children's book. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two sons.

Maureen Tracy Patrolia is an accomplished portraitist and landscape artist with a degree in illustration from the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth. Also a preschool teacher, she says that her work is often inspired by her young students, as well as her many nieces and nephews. She lives in Plymouth Massachusetts, with her husband and two dogs. This is her second book.