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Vol. 54, No. 1, March 2017
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ISBN: 978-1-4338-9052-9
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Articles in this issue


An Introduction to the Special Issue on Psychotherapy Termination
Pages 1–3
Hilsenroth, Mark J.

Psychotherapy Termination: Practice

Fostering Engagement During Termination: Applying Attachment Theory and Research
Pages 4–9
Marmarosh, Cheri L.

A Collaborative Approach to Psychotherapy Termination
Pages 10–14
Goode, Jonathan; Park, Jake; Parkin, Susannah; Tompkins, Kelley A.; Swift, Joshua K.

Termination in Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy With Children, Adolescents, and Parents
Pages 15–21
Vidair, Hilary B.; Feyijinmi, Grace O.; Feindler, Eva L.

Saying Good Goodbyes to Your Clients: A Functional Analytic Psychotherapy (FAP) Perspective
Pages 22–28
Tsai, Mavis; Gustafsson, Tore; Kanter, Jonathan; Plummer Loudon, Mary; Kohlenberg, Robert J.

Supportive–Expressive Interventions in Working Through Treatment Termination
Pages 29–36
Nof, Aviv; Leibovich, Liat; Zilcha-Mano, Sigal

Terminating Supervision
Pages 37–46
Levendosky, Alytia A.; Hopwood, Christopher J.

Psychotherapy Termination: Research

Treatment Refusal and Premature Termination in Psychotherapy, Pharmacotherapy, and Their Combination: A Meta-Analysis of Head-to-Head Comparisons
Pages 47–57
Swift, Joshua K.; Greenberg, Roger P.; Tompkins, Kelley A.; Parkin, Susannah R.

Therapist Effects and the Impacts of Therapy Nonattendance
Pages 58–65
Xiao, Henry; Hayes, Jeffrey A.; Castonguay, Louis G.; McAleavey, Andrew A.; Locke, Benjamin D.

Do All Therapists Do That When Saying Goodbye? A Study of Commonalities in Termination Behaviors
Pages 66–75
Norcross, John C.; Zimmerman, Barrett E.; Greenberg, Roger P.; Swift, Joshua K.

The Termination Phase: Therapists' Perspective on the Therapeutic Relationship and Outcome
Pages 76–87
Bhatia, Avantika; Gelso, Charles J.

Client–Therapist Agreement in the Termination Process and Its Association With Therapeutic Relationship
Pages 88–101
Olivera, Julieta; Challú, Laura; Gómez Penedo, Juan Martín; Roussos, Andrés

Therapists-in-Training Experiences of Working With Transfer Clients: One Relationship Terminates and Another Begins
Pages 102–113
Marmarosh, Cheri L.; Thompson, Barbara; Hill, Clara; Hollman, Suzanne; Megivern, Monica

The Impact of Psychotherapist Training and Experience on Posttermination Contact
Pages 114–122
Jofen-Miller, Sarah; Fiori, Katherine L.

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