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    Adoption-Specific Therapy: A Guide to Helping Adopted Children and Their Families Thrive

    By Waterman, Jill; Langley, Audra K.; Miranda, Jeanne; Riley, Debbie B.

    This manual presents a structured, evidence-based protocol for mental health treatment for families that adopt vulnerable children.

    July 2018 | Hardcover

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    Developing the Therapeutic Relationship: Integrating Case Studies, Research, and Practice

    Edited by Tishby, Orya; Wiseman, Hadas

    In this book, master clinicians and psychotherapy researchers examine how technique and the therapeutic relationship are inseparably intertwined, and engaging case studies demonstrate how successful therapists negotiate this complex relationship.

    June 2018 | Hardcover

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    Treating Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in Ethnic and Racial Groups: Cognitive Behavioral Approaches

    Edited by Chang, Edward C.; Downey, Christina A.; Hirsch, Jameson K.; Yu, Elizabeth A.

    This volume shows therapists how to adapt cognitive behavioral treatments for use with racial and ethnic minority clients.

    June 2018 | Hardcover

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    Cognition and Behavior in Multiple Sclerosis

    Edited by DeLuca, John; Sandroff, Brian M.

    This volume describes the effects and consequences of multiple sclerosis. Authors summarize the impact of multiple sclerosis on behavioral problems, daily living, and related neuropsychiatric disorders, and offer clinical guidance for practitioners.

    June 2018 | Hardcover

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    Learning Interventions for Consultants: Building the Talent That Drives Business

    By London, Manuel; Diamante, Thomas

    This book outlines a five-step process for designing and implementing learning interventions for individual employees, teams, and entire organizations. These interventions promote continuous learning, innovation, and organizational growth and productivity.

    June 2018 | Softcover

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    Mutual Radicalization: How Groups and Nations Drive Each Other to Extremes

    By Moghaddam, Fathali M.

    This book explores the psychology of how groups and nations become locked in cycles of mutual radicalization, in which hatred and conflict continually escalate, even to the point of mutual destruction.

    June 2018 | Softcover

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    The Gender Affirmative Model: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Supporting Transgender and Gender Expansive Children

    Edited by Keo-Meier, Colt; Ehrensaft, Diane

    This book provides mental health professionals with a guide to the Gender Affirmative Model, the leading approach to providing culturally competent care to transgender and gender expansive children and their families.

    May 2018 | Hardcover

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    Sleepwalking, Criminal Behavior, and Reliable Scientific Evidence: A Guide for Expert Witnesses

    By Pressman, Mark R.

    This book provides a method and essential background knowledge for examining scientific evidence and testimony regarding sleep-related criminal behavior.

    May 2018 | Hardcover

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    APA Handbook of Dementia

    Edited by Smith, Glenn E.

    This book addresses assessment, comorbidity, evaluation, and treatment of various forms of dementia.

    May 2018 | Hardcover

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    Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy for Anger, Anxiety, and Depression: It's About Broken Hearts, Not Broken Brains

    By Benjamin, Lorna Smith

    This book shows clinicians how to use Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy (IRT) to change maladaptive patterns regarding safety and threat in treatment-resistant patients.

    May 2018 | Hardcover

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