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    Supervision Essentials for Emotion-Focused Therapy

    By Greenberg, Leslie S.; Tomescu, Liliana Ramona

    This book introduces a model of supervision that is founded on the same fundamental principles as emotion-focused therapy therapy: a safe supervisory alliance and relationship, an agreed-upon focus for each supervision session, and the identification of appropriate task markers.

    Copyright: 2017 | Softcover

  2. 2

    Supervision Essentials for Integrative Psychotherapy

    By Norcross, John C.; Popple, Leah M.

    This book presents a form of integrative clinical supervision that is applicable to integrative and single-system psychotherapy alike.

    Copyright: 2017 | Softcover

  3. 3

    Supervision Essentials for the Practice of Competency-Based Supervision

    By Falender, Carol A.; Shafranske, Edward P.

    This book shows readers how to identify, assess, and track the knowledge, specific skills, broad attitudes, and human values that undergird a series of professional competencies in areas such as professional values, sensitivity to individual and cultural differences, ethical and legal standards, self-care, scientific knowledge and methods, applying evidence-based practice, and more.

    September 2016 | Softcover

  4. 4

    Affirmative Counseling and Psychological Practice With Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Clients

    Edited by Singh, Anneliese A.; dickey, lore m.

    This clinical guide reviews theory-based strategies for affirmative, competent practice with transgender and gender nonconforming clients of different ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and religious backgrounds.

    Copyright: 2017 | Hardcover

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    A Practitioner's Guide to Telemental Health: How to Conduct Legal, Ethical, and Evidence-Based Telepractice

    By Luxton, David D.; Nelson, Eve-Lynn; Maheu, Marlene M.

    When providing telehealth services, physical distance can create ethical and safety challenges. Such challenges are manageable when following the best practices outlined in this book, which illustrates how to conduct mental health services via videoconferencing and other technologies.

    Copyright: 2016 | Softcover

  6. 6

    Supervision Essentials for Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy

    By Newman, Cory F.; Kaplan, Danielle A.

    This guide offers a comprehensive approach to supervising practitioners of cognitive–behavioral therapy, from case conceptualization to matching interventions to the individual needs of each client, to cultural competency and professional ethics.

    Copyright: 2016 | Softcover

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    The Dark Side of Personality: Science and Practice in Social, Personality, and Clinical Psychology

    Edited by Zeigler-Hill, Virgil; Marcus, David K.

    This book provides a taxonomy of personality traits that are dark, or have maladaptive characteristics, and are connected to destructive behaviors and interpersonal problems.

    Copyright: 2016 | Hardcover

  8. 8

    Emotion, Aging, and Health

    Edited by Ong, Anthony D.; Löckenhoff, Corinna E.

    This book explores the reciprocal relations between aging and emotion, as well as applications for promoting mental and physical health across the lifespan.

    Copyright: 2016 | Hardcover

  9. 9

    Psychoanalytic Theory and Cultural Competence in Psychotherapy

    By Tummala-Narra, Pratyusha

    This book presents a theoretical framework that reflects the realities of clients' lives and addresses the complex sociocultural issues that influence their experiences, identity, and psychological health.

    Copyright: 2016 | Hardcover

  10. 10

    School-Centered Interventions: Evidence-Based Strategies for Social, Emotional, and Academic Success

    By Simon, Dennis J.

    This book presents a practical framework for delivering therapeutic and instructional interventions in schools. Readers will learn how to select evidence-based interventions and make appropriate adaptations for the school context.

    Copyright: 2016 | Hardcover

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