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    Forensic Geropsychology: Practice Essentials

    Edited by Bush, Shane S.; Heck, Andrew L.

    This book offers essential information about providing mental health services to older adults in forensic contexts, and to the legal decision-makers involved.

    March 2018 | Hardcover

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    Concussion: A Clinical Profile Approach to Assessment and Treatment

    By Kontos, Anthony P.; Collins, Michael W.

    This book presents a comprehensive, team-based model for assessment and treatment of concussion.

    March 2018 | Hardcover

  3. 3

    Activities for Teaching Psychology and Law: A Guide for Instructors

    By Zelechoski, Amanda D.; Wolbransky, Melinda; Riggs Romaine, Christina L.

    This book presents a wide variety of experiential learning activities to help instructors enliven their courses and teach critical concepts in psychology and law.

    March 2018 | Softcover

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    Using Technology in Mental Health Practice

    Edited by Magnavita, Jeffrey J.

    This volume describes technological advances that foster better access to mental and behavioral health care, improved treatment, and professional development for providers.

    April 2018 | Hardcover

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    Living on Death Row: The Psychology of Waiting to Die

    Edited by Toch, Hans; Acker, James R.; Bonventre, Vincent Martin

    This book synthesizes scholarly reflections with personal accounts from prison administrators and inmates to show the harsh reality of life on death row.

    April 2018 | Softcover

  6. 6

    A Grammar of Power in Psychotherapy: Exploring the Dynamics of Privilege

    By Fors, Malin

    This book explores how social power differences influence the therapy partnership, offering research and clinical examples to help therapists become aware of privilege and take steps to address power-related issues in therapy.

    May 2018 | Hardcover

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    Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy for Anger, Anxiety, and Depression: It's About Broken Hearts, Not Broken Brains

    By Benjamin, Lorna Smith

    This book shows clinicians and researchers how to use interpersonal reconstructive therapy to change maladaptive patterns regarding safety and threat.

    May 2018 | Hardcover

  8. 8

    Feminist Therapy, Second Edition

    By Brown, Laura S.

    In this second edition of her popular book, Laura S. Brown reviews the history, theory, empirical basis, and practice of feminist therapy.

    May 2018 | Softcover

  9. 9

    APA Handbook of Dementia

    Edited by Smith, Glenn E.

    This book addresses assessment, comorbidity, evaluation, and treatment of various forms of dementia.

    May 2018 | Hardcover

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    Sleepwalking, Criminal Behavior, and Reliable Scientific Evidence: A Guide for Expert Witnesses

    By Pressman, Mark R.

    This book provides a method and essential background knowledge for examining scientific evidence and testimony regarding sleep-related criminal behavior.

    May 2018 | Hardcover

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