A new career in academia can be a challenge. While academia's formal rules are published in faculty handbooks, its implicit rules are often difficult to discern. Like the first edition, this new and expanded volume of The Compleat Academic is filled with practical and valuable advice to help new academics set the best course for a lasting and vibrant career.

This volume guides readers through academia's informal rules and describes the problems beginning social scientists will face. With humor and insight, leading academics share the lessons they have learned through their own hard experience. Individual chapters present the ins and outs of the hiring process; the advantages of a postdoctoral fellowship; expert strategies for managing a teaching load; insider and applicant advice for winning a research grant; detailed instructions for writing and publishing a journal article; and a straightforward explanation about intellectual property issues. The book also addresses the latter stages of a career. It offers thoughtful suggestions for keeping one's career dynamic. Chapters that provide specific information for minorities, women, and clinical psychologists are also included. The volume even presents options for working outside of academia.

This book provides invaluable guidance that will help new academics plan, play, and ultimately win the academic career game.

Table of Contents



I. Starting a Career

  1. A Guide to PhD Graduate School: How They Keep Score in the Big Leagues
    —Charles G. Lord
  2. After Graduate School: A Faculty Position or a Postdoctoral Fellowship?
    —Kathleen B. McDermott and Todd S. Braver
  3. The Hiring Process in Academia
    —John M. Darley and Mark P. Zanna
  4. Broadening the Job Search: Jobs Outside of Academia
    —Patrick C. Kyllonen

II. Teaching and Mentoring

  1. Tips for Effective Teaching
    —Douglas A. Bernstein and Sandra Goss Lucas
  2. Mentoring: Managing the Faculty–Graduate Student Relationship
    —Mark P. Zanna and John M. Darley

III. Research and Writing

  1. Setting Up Your Lab and Beginning a Program of Research
    —Jeffrey M. Zacks and Henry L. Roediger III
  2. Obtaining a Research Grant: The Granting Agency's View
    —Jane Steinberg
  3. Obtaining a Research Grant: The Applicant's View
    —Robert J. Sternberg
  4. Writing the Empirical Journal Article
    —Daryl J. Bem
  5. Intellectual Property
    —James L. Hilton and Jonathan R. Alger

IV. Orientation to the Academic Environment

  1. Power, Politics, and Survival in Academia
    —Elizabeth D. Capaldi
  2. Managing the Department Chair and Navigating the Department Power Structure
    —Louis A. Penner, John F. Dovidio, and David A. Schroeder
  3. Wiring the Ivory Tower: The Interface of Technology and the Academy
    —Kevin M. Carlsmith

V. Diversity in Academia

  1. The Dialectics of Race: Academic Perils and Promises
    —James M. Jones and Eun Rhee
  2. Women in Academia
    —Denise C. Park and Susan Nolen-Hoeksema
  3. Clinical Psychologists in Academia
    —Richard R. Bootzin
  4. Varieties of College and University Experience
    —Deborah L. Best

VI. Keeping Your Edge: Managing Your Career Over Time

  1. The Academic Marathon: Controlling One's Career
    —Shelley E. Taylor and Joanne Martin
  2. Managing Your Career: The Long View
    —Henry L. Roediger III and David A. Balota


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