Getting Mentored in Graduate School is the first guide to mentoring relationships written exclusively for graduate students. Research has shown that students who are mentored enjoy many benefits, including better training, greater career success, and a stronger professional identity. Authors Johnson and Huwe draw directly from their own experiences as mentor and protégé to advise students on finding a mentor and maintaining the mentor relationship throughout graduate school.

Conversational, accessible, and informative, this book offers practical strategies that can be employed not only by students pursuing mentorships but also by professors seeking to improve their mentoring skills. Johnson and Huwe arm readers with the tools they need to anticipate and prevent common pitfalls and to resolve problems that may arise in mentoring relationships.

This book is essential reading for students who want to learn and master the unwritten rules that lead to finding a mentor and getting more from graduate school and your career.

Table of Contents


I. About Mentoring

  1. What Mentoring Is
  2. What a Mentor Can Do For You
  3. Who Gets Mentored and Why

II. How to Find a Mentor

  1. What to Look For in a Mentor
  2. The Intentional Protégé: Initiating a Mentor Relationship

III. How to Manage the Mentor Relationship

  1. Designing the Mentor Relationship
  2. The Stages of Mentor Relationships (What to Expect)
  3. Potential Problems (and How to Handle Them)
  4. On Being an Excellent Protégé
  5. Mentoring for Women and Minorities
  6. Some Additional Ways to Get Mentored



About the Authors