Psychology Licensure and Certification: What Students Need to Know is the definitive resource on licensure and certification in psychology. Editor Thomas J. Vaughn has drawn together an impressive group of experts to offer in a single book a broad range of information and explicit guidance on topics pertaining to students' educational direction and professional growth.

Here, students get the lowdown on licensure, internships, certification, and more. There are resources for preparing to take these tests, cautions about what to look for in programs and internships that provide training for licensing and certification, things to be aware of such as mobility of licensure, and advice in many areas not readily available in all graduate programs.

As psychology continues to grow, in numbers of psychologists worldwide and in the scope of services provided, it is vital for students and practitioners to know the pertinent laws, rules, standards, and guidelines. This volume provides a solid grounding in these topics that will help protect the public and the stature of the profession and enhance the reader's career prospects.

Table of Contents


—Thomas J. Vaughn

  1. Overview of Licensure Requirements to Meet "High Standard" in the United States and Canada
    —Thomas J. Vaughn
  2. The History of Licensure of Psychologists in the United States and Canada
    —Randolph P. Reaves
  3. Resources Available From the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards
    —Barbara A. Van Horne
  4. The Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology
    —Lynn P. Rehm and Robert H. Lipkins
  5. Complementary Examinations
    —William T. Melnyk and Karen S. Vaughn
  6. Internship Training With Licensure on the Horizon
    —Emil R. Rodolfa and W. Greg Keilin
  7. Postdoctoral Training and Requirements for Licensure and Certification
    —Nadine J. Kaslow and Melanie M. Echols
  8. Licensure Mobility
    —Patrick H. DeLeon and Billie J. Hinnefeld
  9. The ASPPB Credentials Bank and the Certificate of Professional Qualification in Psychology: Comprehensive Solutions to Mobility Obstacles
    —Stephen T. DeMers and Kim R. Jonason
  10. Board Certification by the American Board of Professional Psychology
    —Ted Packard and Norma P. Simon
  11. The National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology and the Canadian Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology
    —Erica H. Wise, Judy E. Hall, Pierre L. J. Ritchie, and L. Craig Turner
  12. Creating Certification and Examination Programs: The College of Professional Psychology
    —Patricia M. Bricklin and Janet Ciuccio
  13. License Issues for Industrial/Organizational Psychologists and Other Non-Health Service Providers
    —Judith S. Blanton
  14. Training for Prescriptive Authority for Psychologists
    —Ronald E. Fox
  15. Do No Harm
    —Karen S. Vaughn and Gerald K. Gentry
  16. Future Trends in Professional Psychology
    —Raymond D. Fowler and Russell S. Newman

Epilogue: For Students
—Thomas J. Vaughn


  1. Psychology Acronyms
  2. Useful Web Sites
  3. Credentials Recording Forms


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