APA Journals® Internet Posting Guidelines

If a paper is unpublished, the author may distribute it on the Internet or post it on a website but should label the paper with the date and with a statement that the paper has not (yet) been published and is not therefore the authoritative document of record. (Example: "Draft version 1.3, 1/5/16. This paper has not been peer reviewed. Please do not copy or cite without author's permission.")

Authors of articles published in APA journals — the authoritative document, i.e., peer reviewed publication of record — may post a prepublication copy of the final manuscript, as accepted for publication as a word processing file, on their personal website, their employer's server, in their institution's repository, reference managers (e.g., Mendeley) and author social networks (e.g., Academia.edu and ResearchGate) after it is accepted for publication.

The following conditions would prevail:

  • The posted prepublication copy of the manuscript must carry an APA copyright notice and include a link to the authoritative document on the APA website using the article's digital object identifier (DOI) that may be found on the first page of the published article, in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Further, the posted prepublication copy of the manuscript must include the following statement: "This article may not exactly replicate the authoritative document published in the APA journal. It is not the copy of record."
  • APA does not provide electronic copies of the authoritative document for authors to post online, and authors are not permitted to scan in the APA typeset version of the published article.
  • Authors are not permitted to download and subsequently post the APA typeset version of the published article (i.e., the authoritative document of record).