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Resources for Parents, Teachers and Caregivers

  • Building Blocks for Preschool Success
    APA's Health Disparities Office has partnered with a multidisciplinary group of experts to compile resources on how best to eliminate preschool suspensions and expulsions, which disproportionately affect children of color, and keep our youngest learners in school.

  • Later School Start Times Promote Adolescent Well-being (PDF, 180KB)
    Moving high school start times can improve student performance and general well-being.

  • Resources for Primary Care Physicians
    Information about integrating psychology into the health care system, the Affordable Care Act and suggestions for treating sleep problems in adolescents.

  • Protecting our Children from Abuse and Neglect
    A brochure written for parents, teachers, relatives and those who care for children on how to recognize and prevent child abuse and neglect. Provides information on causes and what happens to abused and neglected children. A public education pamphlet. 1997.

  • Love Doesn’t Have to Hurt Teens (PDF, 640KB)
    This poster-style brochure on teen dating violence provides information and resources for victims, aggressors, and friends. It includes discussion of issues particular to disabled youth, same-sex relationships and cultural beliefs.

  • Early Learning Guidelines (ELG) Educator Toolkit 
    The ELG Toolkit is a roadmap to early childhood educators looking for national and state resources that are based on research and evidence-based practices.

Related APA Books