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Press Release
Press Release

APA Joins Campus Activated Subscriber Access to Remove Barriers to Off-Campus Access

Partnership with Google Scholar allows seamless access to scholarly content anywhere, on any device

APA 2018
APA 2018

126th Annual APA Convention

APA is transforming and bringing you a new and improved way to learn and be inspired — Join us in San Francisco for four days of learning, innovation and community

APA in the News
APA in the News

How the cave ordeal could affect the Thai soccer team's mental health

Doctors are concerned about the psychological effects of the ordeal and how it could affect their overall mental health


Monitor on Psychology

Essential reading for psychologists


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Latest psychological research published in APA journals, news about APA and more


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Psychologist explores what dogs can teach us about our own evolutionary past

A conversation with of the head of the Duke Canine Cognition Center.

Education blog news roundup

What constitutes good evidence, summer screen time and more in this week’s news roundup.

APA convention sessions for practitioners

Plan your trip to convention with our list of recommended practice sessions.

APA Fellows Committee issues call for nominations

Committee seeks nominations for two new members for a three-year term beginning Jan. 1, 2019.


Grade Level Reading Week

The events and workshops will discuss getting children to read on grade level by third grade, adverse childhood experiences, trauma-informed practices and character development.

APA Pre-Convention Workshop for Psychology Teachers

Including the following topics: metacognition, hard-to-teach topics in introductory psychology (e.g. statistics, prejudice and the effective use of personality tests in the classroom), and improving student well-being.

Innovations in International Psychology Summit

This summit will focus on the unique role of psychological science in addressing global challenges, with emphasis on innovative thinking and the importance of international collaboration.

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