May 2017 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 48 No. 5
May 2017 | Monitor on Psychology

On the Cover:
What if your office could make you think better?

  • Healthy buildings, productive people

    Can indoor building features such as ventilation, pollutants and lighting influence our thinking, behavior and health? New research suggests a big "yes."

How to make the most of telepsychology


How to make the most of telepsychology and steer clear of pitfalls

Practitioners who want to provide telepsychology services can get the guidance they need from APA

Government Relations


From saving the Affordable Care Act to fighting the budget

APA continues its advocacy to save key health-care provisions, voices concerns over the president’s proposed budget and urges members to speak out

Another year of good news for internship seekers

While more accredited internships are still needed, more students got the internships they need compared with years past

Helping victims of female genital cutting

Research is starting to explore the psychological consequences of the practice, which is widely seen as a human rights violation

Why we believe alternative facts

How motivation, identity and ideology combine to undermine human judgment

4 questions for Paul Bloom

In a new book, Bloom argues that empathy leads us astray when we rely on it to make moral decisions

Taking a hard look

Self-assessment tools and strategies can help practitioners ensure they are practicing competently

Building families, one adoption at a time

Psychologists work with adoptive parents on a range of issues, including psychological assessments, counseling and other support they can’t get elsewhere

Chinese medicine meets psychotherapy

Paula King adds psychological and behavioral health services to a practice that offers complementary and alternative treatments

Can I work here?

Industrial/organizational psychologists offer their advice for helping job seekers determine whether a potential employer offers a good fit

The business of influencing leaders

Alok Sawhney uses his expertise in psychology and business to help organizations make smart decisions

By the numbers: APA at its 125th anniversary

A snapshot of the association in its quasquicentennial year