March 2017 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 48 No. 3
March 2017 | Monitor on Psychology

On the Cover:
Why we need to unplug

  • (Dis)Connected

    Psychologists' research shows how smartphones are affecting our health and well-being, and points the way toward taking back control

Advising a heterosexual man who has sexual thoughts about men


How should a psychologist advise a heterosexual man who has sexual thoughts about men?

Several times a year, “CE Corner” asks ethical experts to offer insights on ways to address an ethical issue

Arthur C. Evans Jr., PhD


Arthur C. Evans Jr. is named APA's new CEO

The former Philadelphia commissioner is known for his transformational and trailblazing leadership style

APA continues its work to address poverty

The association is working to protect access to mental health care, boost the minimum wage and defend other programs that help low-income people

Will NIMH have a broader mission?

Psychologists are asking the new director of the National Institute of Mental Health to increase the agency's support for psychosocial research

New lease on life for troubled inmates

Psychologists are leading efforts to improve the mental and emotional health of seriously mentally ill, violent offenders

Personalized medicine to help smokers quit

A simple test could help doctors match the right smoking cessation medication to the right patient

Colombian and U.S. researchers partner to foster healing

Researchers from both countries are identifying interventions that work to improve the mental health of the millions of Colombians harmed by the decades-long civil war

4 questions for Alison Gopnik

The developmental psychologist explains why we can’t raise “monoculture” kids

Brighter futures for anxious kids

Psychologists are homing in on the best ways to treat and prevent the most common mental health disorder among children and adolescents

Healing by design

Nix the glass table and fill the room with light. These and other research-based design insights for therapists' offices can reap client benefits

Take charge!

Are you a student or early career psychologist who wants leadership experience, but aren't sure how to get it? Here's advice from leaders who stood in your shoes not long ago.

Risky business: Mixing money and kin

As a strategic wealth coach, Kristen Armstrong helps families see money as a way to enhance family relationships and make a social impact

Coaching adults, students and young kids with ADHD

Coaching helps clients cope with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder while helping psychologists flourish without relying on insurers

By the numbers: The cost of treatment

Depression ranks among the most costly health conditions in the United States


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