February 2017 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 48 No. 2
February 2017 | Monitor on Psychology

On the Cover:
Lessons for caregiving

  • Lessons for caregiving

    Psychologists’ research points to ways to improve the experience of caregiving, as well as to the unexpected benefits of providing such care

Maltreatment of people with disabilities is a preventable tragedy


How psychology can do more to prevent abuse of people with disabilities

Maltreatment of people with disabilities is a preventable tragedy

Priorities for the new Congress and Trump administration


Priorities for the new Congress and Trump administration

APA and its companion organization voice their recommendations on health-care reform

Let's not be friends: A risk of Facebook

Does Facebook suggest your client "may know" your sister or best friend? Recommendation algorithms on social media may be putting your clients' confidentiality at risk.

Help for children in war-torn areas

An APA journal explores interventions for the most vulnerable victims of armed conflict

Victory in Texas: Interns can get paid for services

Persistent advocacy by Texas psychologists helps clinch the win

Emotional survival skills for physicians in training

With the help of a psychologist, medical residents are learning how to cope with trauma and stress on the job

Eminent psychologists honored with fellow status

APA adds 71 members to its roll of top achievers

4 questions for Cathy Spatz Widom

The psychologist and criminology professor has been conducting longitudinal research on abused and neglected children for 30 years—work that has helped to shape policy

The men America left behind

They suffer from the the largest shortfall of jobs. Their mortality rate has been rising. What are psychologists doing to help?

A growing wave of online therapy

The flexible nature of these services benefit clients and providers, but the onus is on psychologists to make sure they comply with federal and state laws

Finding your dream psychology career

Don’t want to go into practice, research or teaching? Here’s how to find a nontraditional career that uses your expertise and sparks your interest.

Postdoc opportunities abound, if you know where to look

Thanks to APPIC, searching for a health service psychology postdoc just got a lot easier

Weaving an international view into psychology education

A look at how faculty and students are gaining a more global perspective

10 tips for speaking like a Ted Talk pro

Advice from the experts on how to make any presentation sing

Dispersing psychology in the national media

As an author, public speaker and television personality, Elizabeth Lombardo promotes the tools of psychology that can help people thrive in daily life

By the numbers: Lifelong learning

Nearly three-quarters of American adults consider themselves “lifelong learners”—here’s why