January 2017 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 48 No. 1
January 2017 | Monitor on Psychology

On the Cover:
The growing refugee crisis

  • In search of hope and home

    The calamity in Syria has led to the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II. Psychologists are increasing efforts to help Syrian and other refugees from around the world, both in the United States and abroad

Forgiveness can improve mental and physical health


APA supports Standing Rock water protectors in pipeline dispute.


APA supports Standing Rock water protectors in pipeline dispute

The association is urging the federal government to re-route the construction of a pipeline that threatens to undermine tribal drinking water, sacred sites and well-being

Exploring how location affects mental health

Psychologists are wading into a new area that could be controversial: tracking people's locations and movements to glean insights into their mental well-being

A new NFL playbook: Enhancing mental health

Psychologists are helping the National Football League identify and support players who may be struggling with depression, stress, career transitions and other challenges

APA'S 2017 president aims to build Latin American ties

Antonio E. Puente plans to promote psychology's role in health care while celebrating APA's past 125 years and its future

5 questions for Ravi Iyer

The social psychologist and “civil politics” advocate explains why he believes personal relationships are key if we want to unite a divided country

Better care for kids

Psychologists are working to help communities adopt and sustain evidence-based treatments—here's a sampling of their work

Did you really just say that?

Here's advice on how to confront microaggressions, whether you're a target, bystander or perpetrator

A focus on gut health and mental well-being

Andrea Bradford helps patients with gastrointestinal disorders cope with anxiety, depression and stigma

What are the keys to a good electronic records system?

These systems streamline practitioners' paperwork—and are no longer as intimidating or expensive as they once were

Take the stand: Strategies for effective testimony

Here's how to be a valuable witness when called to share your expertise with the court

Seven steps to finding the right advisor

Your success as a graduate student in research psychology may depend on it. Here's advice from experts on finding the best fit

The art of the letter

Strong letters of recommendation require careful preparation from both the requestor and the writer. Here's how to shine in either role.

Working with both sides of the legislative aisle

As chief consultant to the California State Legislature, Le Ondra Clark Harvey leverages her research and mediation skills to guide lawmakers

News from APA

The latest happenings from the association

By the numbers: Facebook and Twitter in black and white

On matters of race, black and white Americans inhabit different social media worlds