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Anne Etgen, PhD, a leading researcher in hormone-brain-behavior relationships, has made a gift to APF's Fund for Ethnic and Racial Diversity to support the APA Minority Fellowship Program. Specifically, Etgen's gift will support neuroscience through SEED, the Scholarships to Enhance and Empower Diversity.

Etgen, professor emerita at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine, is dedicated to fostering diversity in the next generation of neuroscientists. "Working toward the goal of increasing the numbers of women and underrepresented minorities who undertake and succeed in scientific careers became my second passion," she says.

Etgen is a member of a group of neuroscientists that has established the fund to address the critical need to foster diversity in neuroscience through APA's Minority Fellowship Program. Their donations are supporting stipends, mentoring, networking, professional development, dissertation funding, tuition and health insurance to fellows.

"This gift symbolizes my personal commitment to the goals of SEED," she says. "In the long term, I hope that SEED will make a substantive contribution to making neuroscience a more diverse and inclusive enterprise."

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Thank you, donors

APF thanks the following donors for their recent generosity (October 1–31)

$250,000 and above

Dolores O. Morris, PhD
Bernard Natelson and Lisa Raufman*


APA Division 1–Society for General Psychology
Drs. Kurt F. Geisinger and Janet F. Carlson*


Carol D. Goodheart, EdD


APA Division 29–Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy
Dr. Olivia Morehead-Slaughter


Dr. Laura S. Brown
Dr. Douglas C. Kimmel
Changming Duan, PhD
Mr. Andrew P. Boucher
V. Mark Durand, PhD
Dr. Emmeline Edwards
Dr. Victoria Luine
Dr. Melba J. T. Vasquez
E. Belvin Williams, PhD and Bella D. August, MSW
Dr. Frank C. Worrell


Dr. Ellen K. Baker: In memory of Mrs. Irene Courtois; in memory of Dr. Marilyn Sue Bogner
Dr. Lynn Bufka
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Professor Herbert C. and Mrs. Rose B. Kelman
Dr. James Knight
Dr. Paul D. Nelson
Dr. Tiffany O'Shaughnessy
Dr. David Pantalone
Dr. Fayth M. Parks
Dr. Randi Streisand: In honor of women psychologists
Mr. Jeremy S. Tishler
Dr. Edward A. Wise
Dr. Karen Wyche

Up to $99

Dr. Kathleen R. Ashton
Dr. Marcia Black
Dr. Beth A. Firestein
Dr. Roseanne L. Flores
Dr. Vito Guarnaccia
Dr. Kristina Hallett
Dr. Melanie Hetzel-Riggin
Catherine Hiltz, PhD
Dr. Dawn M. Hughes
Dr. Tammy L. Hughes
Dr. Gerald P. and Mrs. Robin C. Koocher
Dr. Margaret Lanca
Dr. Melanie M. Lantz
Rochelle Levit, PhD
William Marks, PhD
Dr. Sandra S. Rosenblatt
Dr. Cassandra Wong

*Documented Planned Gift