December 2016 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 47 No. 11
December 2016 | Monitor on Psychology

On the Cover:
Policing in black and white

  • Policing in black & white

    Police departments are eager for ways to reduce racial disparities—and psychological research is beginning to find answers

New research is exploring treatments for children who have suicidal thoughts


Research on suicide overlooks young children; psychologists are working to change that

New research is exploring treatments for children who have suicidal thoughts

Teen driving, circa 1940


Teen driving, circa 1940

Auto magnate Edsel Ford used psychophysical tests at the World’s Fair to anoint the country’s best young driver

By the numbers: Sex, marriage and childbearing


By the numbers: Sex, marriage and childbearing

Since 2002, more people approve of living together before marriage, premarital sex and having children outside of marriage, but fewer approve of divorce

Advocacy in action: APA works to reduce students' staggering debt

APA and its members are advocating for a new law that would help ease the debt burden for graduate students, which has increased in recent years

Courts for veterans see exponential growth

When mental health and substance abuse issues are addressed by these courts, veterans have better job and housing prospects

NIH toolbox offers easier data collection

The set of measures is useful for both researchers and clinicians alike—and can save money and time over traditional tools

Managing stress is key to improving heart health

Study achieves "holy grail" of behavioral cardiology research

4 questions for Patricia Winter

Patricia Winter's research for the U.S. Forest Service is identifying ways to keep communities healthy in the face of climate change

Boosting productivity and pride

When employers hire and nurture employees with disabilities, everyone benefits, research finds

Therapy on camera

Portrayals of mental health professionals in movies and television are improving—but some still fall short

Psychology students: Seeing injustices, making them right

In a variety of ways, reaching several diverse populations, these psychology students have become a voice for people who are too often marginalized

When delirum takes over, so does the psychologist

Psychologist Nancy Ciccolella, PsyD, helps critical care patients emerge from the extreme confusion known as intensive care unit delirium

How to earn that 'welcome aboard'

Excellent interview skills are critical to landing the job you want. Here's how to prepare and follow up.

Stop wasting time: Keys to great meetings

Whether it's a gathering of health-care providers, faculty, students or a mix, here's how to make your meetings productive

Fostering the use of new technology

At Emulate Inc., a life sciences company in Boston, Stanley King II works out partnerships with researchers who want to use their groundbreaking "Organ-Chips"

News from APA

The latest from the association on travel to Cuba, the APA presidency, internships and more