American Psychological Foundation

Incoming President Antonio E. Puente, PhD, a professor of psychology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, has made APF a beneficiary of his life insurance policy as a way to benefit the next generation of psychologists. Puente chose one of the most popular ways psychologists give for the future of psychology: a planned gift. Psychologists are able to give more generously through planned gifts that do not draw on their current resources. They make APF the beneficiary of their life insurance policies or their retirement accounts or through bequests in their wills. Some planned gifts allow you to enjoy current tax savings, which also make planned gifts an attractive way to give back.

Why did you decide to make a gift to psychology through APF?

The primary reason for this gift was to thank the APA membership for electing me president of our organization. In addition, I wanted to start a legacy of philanthropy for myself and my family to APF and APA, to which I owe so much. This approach reflects my lifelong duty and vision to promote psychology.

What has psychology meant to you?

Psychology has been the primary source of asking and answering questions at the core of who I am. I was born into privilege and I subsequently experienced significant challenges as a political immigrant, ranging from not knowing English to not having sufficient food. Those challenges led me to questions about adaptability and the role of the brain in addressing this process. These questions have become the foundation of my research, my clinical work and my interactions with mentors, colleagues and students. 

Why do you feel that giving back is important?

I have been fortunate in my personal and professional lives. Acknowledging that success can best be accomplished by paying it forward.

Further, setting the foundation for those that come after us—including two of my children who are psychologists—will ensure the viability and value of psychology. I can think of no better science and profession to understand and manage the complexities and riddles of life.

More information about planned giving

To find out more about a gift to APF, visit the APF website at, or call APF deputy director Idalia Ramos at (202) 336-5843.