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APA grant fosters study of police resiliency

Konstantinos PapazoglouIn 2015, Konstantinos Papazoglou, a former police captain of the Hellenic Police and graduate student at the University of Toronto, Mississauga, received the APF/COGDOP Harry and Miriam Levinson Scholarship for his work focused on stress, trauma prevention and resilience promotion among police officers.

With his Levinson scholarship, Papazoglou is exploring the role of secondary trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder on police job performance. Working with police organizations in Illinois and Ontario, he is examining the impact of job-related stress and trauma on police work. Papazoglou also plans to examine the role various interventions—such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and biofeedback—play in preventing stress and trauma for police officers.

The APF funding Papazoglou received has helped him to incorporate heart-rate monitor technology into his research. He was also able to complete additional training in resilience-promotion for first responders and a PTSD treatment and prevention workshop.

Papazoglou hopes his work will improve the health of police officers and promote social welfare. This line of research, he says, will enable him to "continue helping those who serve our communities and maintain peace and order."

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Ronald T. Brown remembers colleague with gift to APF

Ronald T. Brown, PhD, is honoring the memory of his former colleague and fellow pediatric psychologist Raymond K. Mulhern, PhD, with a major gift to APF's Campaign to Transform the Future.

After Mulhern died 10 years ago, Brown worked with colleagues and friends to establish an APF/Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology graduate student scholarship in his memory. Brown has contributed $10,000 during the campaign to further support the scholarship. This is his second $10,000 gift to the Mulhern Scholarship. Mulhern was a unique individual, explains Brown: "He was an outstanding investigator who really pioneered some of the original research on neuropsychological issues related to cancer treatment in children. He was a wonderful mentor to the young and had a personality larger than life."

Brown, a pediatric psychologist and dean of the School of Allied Health Sciences at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, is committed to supporting undergraduate and graduate students. Brown credits opportunities he received as a young psychologist for his success today and wants the field's next generation to have the same opportunities.

Over the course of his career as a dean, a provost and a college president, he says he has been privileged to train and mentor many talented individuals. "I am most proud of the legacy that I will be leaving through my mentorship," Brown says. "I am very proud of my students' work."

Brown also hopes that his giving will help develop a culture of philanthropy for psychology and encourage others to give. "I guess that is what I always have wanted; that is, to make a difference," he says. "Philanthropy is one way of really making a difference in society. I am proud to be part of this endeavor."

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