Membership in APA

Membership in APA
As an APA member you belong to a global community of researchers, practitioners, teachers, students and other professionals who share your passion for psychology.

Tools and Services

Products, services and resources from APA and its partners



Make valuable connections with others who share your professional interests through online and in-person networking opportunities.



Your membership offers you a wide range of opportunities for lifelong learning and professional development.

Debt Assistance
IonTuition, a web-based service that helps manage student loan repayment


IonTuition, a web-based service that helps manage student loan repayment, is now available at no charge to all APA members.
Emerging careers for psychology researchers

APA Webinar

This webinar discusses emerging careers for psychology researchers and how you can best position yourself for success in the job market.
Graduate Students
Mentor or Mentee


Many graduate students are both mentees and mentors. Here's how to navigate the two-way street.
Research Roundup

Research Roundup

This series of articles from the APA Practice Organization’s PracticeUpdate e-newsletter, discusses psychological issues such as concussions, opioid addiction, stress and more.


Students can utilize APA’s social media groups and listservs to grow their network and discover new career opportunities.
K-12 Educators
Using current events to teach

Scientific Literacy

Help your students be strong critical thinkers about psychology-related claims. APA offers critical thinking activities to foster scientific literacy.

Get Involved

Help advance psychology through personal advocacy, volunteerism and more. Together we can make a difference.


Advocate for Psychology

Follow the APA Federal Action Network’s action alerts for updates on important legislative issues critical to psychology.


Disaster Resource Network

Engage in disaster preparedness, response and recovery activities through this APA/Red Cross program.



APA fellow status recognizes outstanding contributions toward the advancement of psychology as a science and as a profession

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