Mixing personal benefits and advocacy for the field, an APA membership helps you get ahead while giving back.
Teachers of high school psychology who are not eligible to become APA members may become high school teacher affiliates. As a high school teacher affiliate of APA, you'll automatically become a member of Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS), the national organization representing the needs of psychology teachers at the high school level. TOPSS priorities include developing materials and resources for high school psychology, networking among all teaching levels of psychology and providing a visible, national voice for secondary school teachers of psychology.


High School Teacher Affiliate Membership offers a wide array of personal and professional benefits, including:

Enhanced membership

When you join APA you are automatically enrolled in TOPSS, a dynamic group which acts as the voice of high school psychology teachers within APA, and promotes excellence in the teaching of psychological science at the high school level.

Expert career support

Career and professional development information tailored just for APA members. Leverage these materials for yourself and your students.

Information on trends across psychology

Nine issues per year of the American Psychologist journal and 11 issues per year of the APA Monitor on Psychology magazine.

Even more information, for less

Discounts on APA books, videos, journals and online databases.

TOPSS Lesson Plans

TOPPS offers multiday units that include a procedural timeline, a content outline, suggested resources and activities, and references.

Continuing Education
Lifelong learning

 Access a range of high-quality CE offerings including discounts on fee-based programs.

Advanced networking opportunities

Eligibility for membership in one of APA’s 54 divisions and deep member discounts on registration for the APA Annual Convention.

Additional savings opportunities

Discounts on brand-name products and services including car rentals, financial services and office supplies.

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Support psychology

Feel good knowing your participation and dues support a variety of activities and programs that help move psychology, and society, forward. Every day, APA works to advance psychology education, training and research through programs and advocacy at the federal level. At the same time, APA works to expand the public’s access to, and understanding of, psychology through programs and partnerships with organizations like the YMCA, PTA and more.


High school teacher affiliate dues are just $50 per year. As a high school teacher affiliate member you are automatically enrolled in TOPSS, which represents your interests, promotes the highest professional standards for the teaching of psychology and provides leadership opportunities and a unified voice for high school psychology teachers.

Division Membership

APA's 54 special interest divisions offer opportunities to network and grow within a specific area of psychology. Division membership is in addition to APA membership. However, most divisions offer free or low-cost membership for first-year members. Learn more about division membership.

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