Margaux Ascherl

How Did You Get That Job?

Human factors psychologist, Margaux Ascherl, uses her training to help increase agricultural productivity. Learn how you can apply your psychology education to a similar career path.

Supercharge Your Online Professional Presence

Webinar Series: Supercharge Your Online Professional Presence

A series for psychologists who are new to the field, just starting a business or looking to enhance their existing online personas.
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Pursuing Resilience

APA Fellow Mary Karapetian Alvord, PhD, is an established authority on resilience, which she defines as "the ability to cope with challenges." Social competence and self-regulation are two key components of resilience, according to Alvord, which people can learn over time but it takes effort.

"The analogy I use is learning a musical instrument," Alvord says. "You can learn about how to do it, but unless you actually practice, you're not going to get any better."

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Mary Karapetian Alvord, PhD
APA Psychologist Locator

Technology, Mind and Society

Assessing current efforts to understand and shape the interactions of human beings and technology.

Watch keynote presentations from APA’s 2018 Technology, Mind and Society conference.

TMS program      TMS 2018


Social Robotics and Human Behavior

Cynthia Breazeal

Assessing social robots over repeated encounters with people in real world environments such as the home, schools, or hospitals.

Alex Pentland

Social Physics Quantitative Modeling and Shaping of Behavior by Social Context

Alex Pentland

Digital breadcrumbs allow human behavior to be examined even in complex natural environments.

Justine Cassell

Models and Implementations of Social Skills in Virtual Humans

Justine Cassell

A computational sociocultural approach to the study of intrinsically dyadic states such as rapport, friendship, intimacy, interpersonal closeness.

Eric Horvitz

Intention, Cognition, and Collaboration: In Pursuit of Interaction Futures

Eric Horvitz

Leveraging advances in machine intelligence to develop systems that can support competent and fluid human–computer collaboration.

More presentations from TMS 2018

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