About PT@CC

PT@CC is a network to represent and support psychology teachers within the two-year college community. We strive to:

  • Promote the highest professional standards for teaching psychology as a scientific discipline with applications to a wide range of human concerns.

  • Cultivate a professional identity with the discipline of psychology among psychology teachers at two-year colleges.

  • Develop leadership qualities among psychology teachers at two-year colleges and increase their participation and representation in professional psychology activities and organizations.

  • Establish and maintain communication with all groups involved in the teaching of psychology and with the greater psychological community.

  • Encourage psychological research on teaching and learning at two-year colleges for the purpose of giving students the best possible educational opportunities.

Benefits of PT@CC Membership

Free publications

Receive the monthly Monitor on Psychology and the American Psychologist , the official journal of the APA. Opt in to receive the Psychology Teacher Network (PTN) quarterly newsletter.


PT@CC sponsors an award to recognize psychology faculty at two-year institutions:

Teaching resources

Take a look at some of PT@CC’s publications, including the “Navigating the Unique Challenges of Online Teaching,” “Adjunct Faculty Resource Manual,” “IRBs: A Community College Planning Guide” and the “Community College Fact Sheet.” A new publication on setting up a psychology lab will be available in 2014.

Leadership opportunities

Participate in APA governance by serving on the Committee on Associate and Baccalaureate Education.

Networking and communications
  • Join the electronic mailing list for psychology faculty to discuss topics of shared interest.

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