There shall be an American Psychological Association Committee on Associate and Baccalaureate Education whose mission shall be to:

  • Represent psychology faculty teaching at undergraduate institutions.
  • Promote within all undergraduate institutions the highest professional standards for teaching of psychology as a scientific discipline with applications to a wide range of human concerns.
  • Develop leadership qualities among psychology faculty at undergraduate institutions and increase their participation and representation in psychology organizations.
  • Establish and maintain communication with all groups involved in the teaching of psychology and with the greater psychological community.
  • Encourage scholarship on teaching and learning at all undergraduate institutions for the purpose of giving students the best possible educational opportunities.

CABE will consist of eight members: four members who will represent psychology faculty at 2-year colleges offering the associate degree, and four members who will represent psychology faculty whose primary teaching responsibility is undergraduate coursework at colleges or universities offering the baccalaureate degree.

Staff Liaisons

  • Martha Boenau, MS (email)
  • Robin Hailstorks, PhD (email)


  • 2017 Co-chair: Jason R. Young, PhD (2015-17)
  • 2017 Co-chair: Salvador Macias III, PhD (2016-18) 

  • Kimberly Coffman, PhD (2016-18) 

  • Regan A. R. Gurung, PhD (2015-17) 

  • Aaron Richmond, PhD (2017-19) 

  • Jaclyn Ronquillo-Adachi, PhD (2017-19) 

  • Jennifer Thompson, PhD (2016-18) 

  • Katherine Wickes, PhD (2017-19) 

Annual Reports

Call for Nominations

CABE is seeking two nominees to join the committee in January 2018. Learn more about how to apply.