APA Annual Convention Registration Tote Bag Insert

$3,500 per insert; Limited opportunity
  • Available on a first-come, first-served basis to the first ten (10) 2017 APA Exhibitors that submit a request.
  • Sample inserts must be submitted to APA for review and approval.
  • Only one-page, 8½” x 11” inserts or the equivalent are allowed.
  • Inserts may be one- or two-sided.
  • Approximate distribution: 10,000.

Important: Inserts (Qty. 10,000) must be directly shipped by exhibitors to arrive at Brede National Exhibition Services by July 3, 2017. Shipment address to be confirmed.

Deadline to submit sample insert to APA for review and approval: June 9, 2017. For information, contact: Carol Hall, exhibit sales manager, chall@apa.org, (202) 336-5627.

APA Exhibitor Raffles

Confirmed APA Exhibitors have the option of conducting APA-approved raffles from their booth during one or more of the following Exhibitor Raffle dates/times:

  • Thursday, Aug. 3: 4 p.m.
  • Friday, Aug. 4: 12 p.m.; 2 p.m.; 4 p.m.
  • Saturday, Aug. 5: 10 a.m.; 12 p.m.; 2 p.m.; 4 p.m.

To participate, exhibitors must provide APA with the following details no later than April 3, 2017:

  • Preferred raffle date(s) and time(s).
  • Prize(s) to be raffled.

Exhibitors are responsible for collecting the raffle names at their booth and retaining the prizes. Prior to the raffle time(s) noted above, an APA staff member will visit your booth to collect the winning name and then announce by microphone your company name, booth number, and the prize winner. APA will promote all Exhibitor Raffles—including exhibitor name, booth number, raffle date(s) and time(s), and prize(s)—in the APA Annual Convention Program and in the APA Convention Mobile App.

For additional information, contact: Carol Hall, exhibit sales manager, chall@apa.org, (202) 336-5627.

Mailing List Rentals

(hard addresses only; email addresses not provided)

2017 APA Annual Convention Attendees

Pre-registrant and full attendee mailing lists are available only to confirmed 2017 APA Exhibitors that have secured full booth space. Attendee lists are not offered to APA Free-Take-One Brochure participants or non-APA Exhibitors.

For information and pricing, contact: Experient, (800) 787-0475 or (301) 662-9401, www.experient-inc.com.

APA Mailing Lists

Choose from a variety of APA mailing lists, including: APA members, student or international affiliates, specific APA divisions, APA journal subscribers, or a combination of these lists.

For information and pricing, visit: www.apa.org/ads/mailing.

Onsite Sales Lead Retrieval System

Capture qualified leads in your booth through the Experient Sales Lead Retrieval System. For those 2016 APA Exhibitors that took advantage of the Lead Retrieval option, results included an average total of 117 leads per company! Lead Retrieval rental information and an order form will be included in the 2017 APA Exhibitor Service Kit.

For additional information, contact: Experient, (800) 787-0475 or (301) 662-9401, www.experient-inc.com.

APA Exhibitor Online Profile Upgrades

  • Standard ($195)
  • Premium ($295)
  • Optimum ($495)

Total Views, 2016 APA Exhibitor Online Profiles: 12,498. Maximize this opportunity to spotlight your company and draw attendee traffic.

In addition to the details listed on the chart below, online profile upgrade benefits include:

  • Increase your online leads by 3–4 times.
  • Increase traffic to your online profile by 4–5 times.
  • Included under the online Enhanced Listings tab.
  • Company name and booth number are displayed in bold font.
  • A special icon makes the online listing stand out in both the Exhibitor List and the APA Exhibit Hall Floor Plan.
  • Enhanced Listings are highlighted as attendees view the APA Exhibit Hall Floor Plan.
    Basic (Included in booth price) Standard
Company description (to appear in APA Annual Convention Program APA Annual Convention Program Supplement) 500
500 characters 500 characters 500
Comany description (Note: characters include punctuation & spaces) 500 characters 750
900 characters 1,000
Direct link to company website Yes Yes Yes Yes
Welcome Opening greeting to attendees that view your profile (Note: characters include punctuation & spaces) No 60 characters 60 characters 60 characters
Product Categories Product category types by which you want attendees to locate your company 4 6 8 10
or Product Logo
Full color image to enhance your profile No No 1 1
Press Releases Highlight new and exciting company activities or product releases No 1 2 4
Product Images 4-color product images with descriptions No 4 6 10
Show Specials Spotlight your planned convention discounts, giveaways, raffles, etc. No 1 2 4
Brands Included in keyword search No 100 characters 150 characters 200 characters
Link to your company pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Yes Yes yes Yes
Video Include a video to highlight your company and products No 1 1 1

Exhibitor Badge Registration

Contact the APA Annual Convention

Call or email for general information, as well as for advertising, exhibits and sponsorships.

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