Arlene Lu Steinberg

Arlene Lu Steinberg I can’t remember a time that I wasn't curious about understanding human relationships, motivation and behavior. That is why I became a psychologist. As the child of Holocaust survivors, my childhood particularly sensitized me to needing to understand the irrational and the impact of trauma, scholarly pursuits that have been the hallmarks of my career. I inherited a set of books about Freud's first patient, Anna O., and my path to practicing psychoanalytic psychology was set.

As a proud psychoanalyst and active member of Div. 39 (Psychoanalysis), what matters to me most is that psychoanalytic psychology be more available to all communities to help as many people as possible live better lives. This is what the APF Div. 39 Fund is all about.

I gave to APF because I wanted to contribute to the future of our field. The projects funded by the Div. 39 Fund are a way to help break down some of the barriers to and misconceptions about psychoanalysis. My husband and I initially made a smaller contribution, but after seeing the many worthy projects funded, I felt it was important to increase the contribution in order to help fund more of the projects that have been proposed. I hope that this gift will not only contribute to the furthering of psychoanalytic psychology and its better application and appreciation, but also encourage others to contribute. 

I would encourage others to give what they can. Even a small contribution can help. I am proud to be a donor to APF.