Electronic Mailing Lists for Students

APAGS e-mail lists have been established as a member benefit in order to bridge communication among graduate students within psychology. APAGS has set up a number of listservs® targeted to student interests. The current APAGS lists are:

  • APAEMGS, concerning ethnic minority issues.

  • APAGSABILITIES, concerning disability issues.

  • APAGS-DISHELP, is sponsored by APAGS, is for APAGS members and was established to provide a community of support for completing the dissertation process in psychology.

  • APAGSINTERNATIONAL, for international students studying psychology in the U.S.

  • APAGSINTERNSHIP, focused on issues faced by students currently on internship.

  • APAGSLGBT, a forum for students to discuss issues relevant to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender concerns in psychology.

  • APAGSNON-TRAD, concerning issues germane to non-traditional students.

  • APAGSWOMEN, a forum for the discussion of issues related to women balancing their personal and professional lives, as psychology graduate students (by the way, the list is open to women, men, students and psychologists alike!).

  • CLINAPAGS, for students studying clinical psychology.

  • COGAPAGS, for students studying cognitive psychology.

  • GRADPSYCHTALK, a forum for discussions among APAGS members and APA/APAGS staff and governance about articles featured in gradPSYCH.

  • MENTORS, connecting students with practicing psychologists.

  • PSYCGRAD, a general discussion list for graduate students of psychology.

Other APA e-mail lists that may be of interest to APAGS members but are not sponsored or administered by APAGS:

  • EARLYCAREER, dedicated to recent doctoral graduates.

  • SASP-D16, focused on issues concerning students studying school psychology.

  • DIV38STU, for student members of Division 38 (Health Psychology.)

How to Join

To subscribe to any electronic mailing list, send an e-mail to the mailing list manager with the following in the BODY of the message (leave the subject line blank):

SUBSCRIBE <e-mail list name in capital letters> <firstname> <lastname>


The system will send you the instructions you need.  If you have any questions, or have difficulty subscribing, feel free to contact APAGS. Please be certain to indicate which e-mail list you wish to be subscribed to.  You can also call for more assistance at 202-336-6014. 

Important: Outside research requests or requests for research participants will not be posted to listservs maintained by APA. Please read our policy on the use of APA mailing lists for research.

*Any subscriber to an electronic mailing list can post messages that are then broadcast to all other subscribers. Most APAGS lists are "open" lists. Any APAGS member can join at any time automatically. A few are "subscription by owner" lists. When you request a subscription to one of these lists, your request must be approved by the list owner, in this case, members of the APAGS Central Office staff. Your request will be processed an you will be added to the list as soon as possible. All APAGS members are welcome to join any and/or all of the lists above.