Call for Applications: Subcommittee Members

Call for Applications – Subcommittee MembersBecome an APAGS subcommittee member and develop leadership skills, represent student concerns and advocate nationally for psychology. 

APAGS is always looking for bright, enthusiastic and committed psychology students to serve on these subcommittees, and encourages students of diverse backgrounds to apply. We are committed to representing all students, so we are especially interested in applicants from the following fields: developmental; learning; neuroscience; biopsychology; industrial/organizational; cognitive; quantitative; social; and cross-disciplinary work (e.g. social cognitive neuroscience or developmental psychobiology). However, all committees welcome and will consider all qualified candidates.

APAGS has openings to serve on the following subcommittees:

The deadline for applications is Sept. 6, 2018, noon EST. Applicants must be APAGS members actively enrolled as graduate psychology students in good standing.


  • Applicants must be a current masters or doctoral student in good standing at a regionally and/or APA accredited institution at the time of application.

  • Must have at least one academic year remaining in a graduate program at the time of application.

  • An APAGS member.

  • Organized, responsive, efficient and responsible.

  • Able to work effectively and cooperatively with others;.

  • Willing to commit to a two-year term to work on behalf of the needs and interests of APAGS and APAGS members (some appointees may be given a one-year term based on the committee’s current composition).

  • You can only serve in one APAGS leadership role at a time (elected position of APAGS committee, appointed subcommittee chair, subcommittee member).

  • And you must demonstrate that specific knowledge, expertise, and/or experience in the substantive area of the respective subcommittee to which you are applying.

Application Materials

You must submit the following materials to APAGS:

1. A title page with the following information listed:

  • Subcommittee to which you are applying

  • Name

  • Mailing address

  • Phone

  • Email

  • University

  • Field of study (e.g. experimental, neuroscience, clinical, school)

  • Expected graduation date 

  • APA member number (found on your member card, label of gradPSYCH,MonitorAmerican Psychologist or on My APA website

2. A candidate statement describing your qualifications and/or potential for the particular position (max 750 words).

3. An abbreviated two-page CV.

4. A brief letter from your department chair verifying your status as a graduate student in good standing and the chair’s support of you running for an APAGS office.

It is your responsibility to verify that you are an APAGS member at the time of your submission. If you are a student affiliate (e.g. undergraduate member of APA), associate member of APA or any other type of affiliate, you will need to change your membership status to APAGS (contact Member Services at (800) 374-2721). If you join APAGS at the time of your application, please submit your electronic receipt as verification that you submitted your application.

APAGS would prefer for you to submit all the required information in one PDF file; however, if your recommender prefers to email the letter separately, s/he may do so. Please label your file as follows: LASTNAME, FIRSTINITIAL - COMMITTEE NAME, YEAR. For example, "Smith, J - CARED, 2015.pdf."

You may apply for more than one committee position. If you do so, please create a separate PDF file for each submission, with a different title page and candidate statement appropriate to the position.


Materials must be received by Sept. 6, 2018, noon EST. Submissions by mail will not be accepted.

Please email all required materials to the APAGS Central Office. Please indicate the subcommittee for which you are applying in your subject line.

We send emails acknowledging receipt of every application. If you do not receive one by two days after the application deadline, please call our office at (202) 336-6014 to confirm.

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