The American Psychological Association (APA) provides mailing lists of all APA members, students, divisions and selected journal subscribers with merge/purge options, as well as a variety of other selection possibilities. These choices make it easy to define your audience and increase your direct marketing response rates. APA mailing lists are updated on a daily basis and meet postal coding accuracy support system certification requirements. Requests involving the use of mailing lists for research purposes will not be considered.

General Policy

APA accepts orders for mailing lists under certain conditions. The association reserves the right to review all information to be mailed to its members or affiliates and to reject orders that do not meet the standards of the association. Each order will be reviewed to determine if the materials to be mailed will in some way benefit the association's members by advancing their knowledge, scientific or professional, in psychology or related disciplines.

The association sells the membership address lists in Excel or .csv format, we do not produce printed labels. Mailing lists are sold only in computer printed mailing label format. Mailing lists are sold for one time use only by the requestor. They are not to be reproduced in any form or resold to another user.

Available Lists

The lists are available in Excel or .csv format. The association provides the mailing list only and does not provide mailing services. Selections can be made on zip code, type of membership, gender, one or more division memberships, and one or more publications.

Mailing lists are available from the following categories:

  • Members — approximately 77,000 names
  • Division Members — There are currently 54 divisions (see attached list for totals). Divisions can be merged/purged to eliminate duplication. If ordering division list and journal subscriber list, divisions can be merged/purged with journal subscriber members to eliminate duplication.
  • Students in Psychology — approximately 33,400 names*
  • International Affiliates — approximately 4,100 names*
  • High School Teachers in Psychology — approximately 2,800 names*
  • Community College Teacher Affiliates — approximately 1,300 names*
  • Subscribers to Journals — There are over 90 journals. Journal lists include members and affiliates.* (see attached circulation list)

*Selection of gender and division membership do not apply to these groupings.

Note: All counts are approximate and will vary due to continual updating of lists.



All mailing lists are produced to order and are non-refundable. Payment is due within 30 days from the invoice date. When an order is placed by an agency on behalf of a list owner or customer, the agency and the list owner or customer shall be held jointly liable for payment. Payment by list owner or customer to agency shall not constitute payment to the American Psychological Association. The association may request payment in advance of 50 percent of the estimated purchase price. Prices are subject to change without notice. Agency and list broker discounts are not available.


The current prices for mailing lists are:

Excel or .csv Files

$200 per thousand labels. A $200 minimum plus the (*) computer service charge and (*) electronic fee is applicable to all orders.

Computer Service Charge (*)

$125 All searches, i.e., division membership, geographical location, journal subscribers, random select, gender selection, division and journal merge selection.

Electronic Fee (*)

$125 All searches, i.e., division membership, geographical location, journal subscribers, random select, gender selection, division and journal merge selection.

Key Coding

Up to 8 digits — No extra charge.

Agency and list broker discounts are not available.

Payment terms are NET 30 from the date of the invoice.

Ordering Procedures

Orders must be placed in writing, specifying the file type and lists desired. Orders must be accompanied by a sample of the materials to be mailed. Please allow approximately one to two weeks for delivery of your order. Password protected files will be sent via email. Orders will not be accepted via telephone.

Please direct all inquiries and orders to: APA

ATTN: Donna Wighington
750 First Street, N.E.
Washington, DC 20002-4242
Voice: (202) 336-5833


Get current mailing list counts of APA divisions members, journals subcribers and state counts.