Raising safe, healthy, happy children is the goal and also challenge for all parents and caregivers. The ACT Program was designed to help them be effective and successful in their major role. ACT focuses on the important role of adults in shaping children’s environment and experiences.

The ACT Program classes teach positive parenting skills to parents and caregivers of children from birth to age 8 and help build strong safe families. The goal is to help families raise kids without violence and protect them from its terrible consequences.

Benefits for parents/caregivers: 

  • Enjoy the hands-on, participatory fun classes 
  • Learn and use positive discipline, anger management, conflict resolution skills 
  • Make friends and connect with community resources 
  • Build happier safer families

Find an ACT Class near you

Parents and caregivers should contact one of the ACT training sites closer to them to get help in finding a parenting group class. The training sites can also help parents by making materials and resources on parenting and other topics available to them.