The World Health Organization (WHO), in their handbook "Implementing Child Maltreatment Prevention Programmes: What Experts Say," listed APA’s ACT Raising Safe Kids Program as one of just three listed under Parenting Programmes, along with Triple P and The Incredible Years.

The WHO put together a group of 21 leading experts in child maltreatment issues from around the world to help create a handbook for policy-makers, practitioners and organizations on implementing prevention programs. The handbook also provides a list of different programs as examples that have been supported by the WHO expert consultants.

The ACT Raising Safe Kids Program was developed and is coordinated by the American Psychological Association Violence Prevention Office, directed by Julia da Silva. ACT is well-evaluated and rated by the California Evidence-Based Clearing House on Child Welfare as having promising research evidence. ACT is included in the U.S. Department of Justice Crime Solutions site and in the U.S. Head Start Office "Compendium of Parenting Programs."

Designed to be delivered in nine sessions by trained professionals who teach parents and caregivers positive parenting skills, ACT is in mental health clinics, preschools and schools, shelters, prisons, hospitals and community social service providers helping thousands of families.

The program is currently in 19 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Greece, Guatemala, Peru, Japan and Taiwan. Programs are planned in Croatia, Bosnia, Romania, Turkey and Portugal.

Institutions That Recognize ACT