APA represents the largest and most visible national presence advocating for psychology at the federal level. There are three APA government relations offices and two APA-affiliated organizations that engage in government relations activities.

Government Relations Offices

Education Government Relations Office
Part of APA's Education Directorate. Seeks to increase federal support for psychology education and training and to promote the application of psychology to education and training.

Public Interest Government Relations Office
As part of APA's Public Interest Directorate, PI-GRO advocates at the federal level to apply psychology to the fundamental problems of human welfare and the promotion of equitable and just treatment of all segments of society.

Science Government Relations Office
Part of APA's Science Directorate. Seeks to advance and preserve the infrastructure of psychological science.

APA Affiliated Organizations

APA Practice Organization (APAPO)
A 501(c)(6) organization that is separate from APA. Advocates on behalf of practicing psychologists and consumers of psychological services in areas such as insurance parity, privacy (HIPAA), and prescription privileges.

Education Advocacy Trust
A functionally autonomous part of the 501(c)(6) organization that was established to support education advocacy issues, such as Graduate Psychology Education Program funding, and mental health on college campuses.

APA Advocacy Issues

Action Alerts

Follow APA's Federal Action Network's current action alerts for updates on important legislative issues critical to psychology.

Advocacy Tools

Fellowship Programs

APA Congressional and Executive Branch Science Fellowship Programs offer members the opportunity to spend one year as a special assistant with a member of Congress or congressional committee on Capitol Hill or with a federal agency.