The 2018 APA Board and Committee Call for Nominations form is now open online.

You will need to login using your MyAPA account ID and password. If you haven’t yet registered for your MyAPA account or have forgotten your login ID or password, simply follow the instructions provided once you click on the link. March 2, 2018 is the deadline for submitting nominations.

Submit a Nomination

The following boards and committees are included with this call for nominations:

These boards and committees report directly to the APA Board of Directors and Council of Representatives. Other APA governance committees report to and have their members selected by these groups, rather than the Board of Directors or Council of Representatives.

The Board of Directors encourages the nomination of those members who may be new to APA governance or who are underrepresented in the current governance structure. Self-nominations are welcome. The work of each board and committee requires a specific expertise which is listed on the nominations website. Nomination materials include name, contact information and CV/resume.

Following the March 2, 2018, nomination deadline, slates for each opening will be developed by the relevant board or committee. The Board of Directors will review and approve the slates at its June meeting. The Council of Representatives will then vote on each slate in the fall. The individuals who receives a majority of votes (one winner per slate) will join the boards and committees in 2019.

Should you have any questions about the process of submitting nominations, contact Garnett Coad, Director, Elections via email or by phone at (202) 336-6087.