Nominations are sought for two member-at-large positions on the 2019 APA Board of Directors.

The term of service for all positions is Jan. 1, 2019 - Dec. 31, 2021. Newly elected board members will also attend the board meeting and orientation in early December 2018.

The Needs Assessment, Slating and Campaigns Committee (NASCC) aims to maintain a balanced Board of Directors that reflects the diversity of the APA membership. NASCC conducted a comprehensive needs assessment that included a review of the composition of the 2019 Board of Directors. As a result, at this time NASCC is seeking psychologists with expertise in scientific area of psychology, including:

  • Health psychology
  • Experimental, industrial/organizational, neuroscience, quantitative psychology

Two slates of at least two candidates will stand for election as member-at-large candidates. Each candidate must be a member of the association.

Desired General Qualities for Nominees

  • Ability to listen and analyze, as well as think strategically and creatively.
  • Ability to consider multiple viewpoints, and work well with people individually and in a group.
  • Ability to make decisions based on knowledge rather than opinion.
  • Willingness to learn more about the association, prepare for and attend board meetings and take responsibility for assignments.
  • Exhibit honesty, sensitivity to and tolerance of differing views, personal integrity and concern for the association’s development.
  • Preference for experience in organizational leadership and change in complex organizations.
  • Experience in financial policy and oversight.
  • Experience in and openness to organizational transformation.


The Board of Directors is responsible for exercising general supervision over the policies and affairs of APA and supervises the work of the chief executive officer. 

The board attends at least ten meetings per year. This includes six regular board meetings, two held in conjunction with the council meetings. Board members are members of APA’s Council of Representatives and attend the February and August council meetings. Board members also attend additional meetings, such as the Consolidated Board and Committee Meetings and Leadership Conferences.

The board holds at least monthly calls and board members are expected to regularly check email correspondence. The typical workload for the board is considered to be five to ten hours per week and may be more counting travel dates and periods with exceptional business demands. At times the board’s workload may be heavy, with considerable reading material, additional conference/video calls and significant email correspondence.

The APA board also serves as the Board of Directors for APA’s 501c6 companion organization, currently known as the American Psychological Association Practice Organization (APAPO). The Practice Organization is able to participate in activities that APA cannot as a 501(c)(3), such as lobbying, political giving and advocacy for practicing psychologists. The mission of this 501c6 companion organization is currently under review and is likely to be broadened to represent lobbying, political giving and advocacy interests for all psychologists.


Honoraria for board members are approved by the Finance Committee each year. The member-at large positions on the board currently have an annual honoraria of $15,000.

How to Apply

Individuals who self-nominate should provide the following materials:

  1. Brief statement of no more than 300 words detailing qualifications. Please feel free to include information on any professional or personal diversity you believe you would bring to the board.
  2. Current curriculum vitae

If you are nominating another individual, please send the full name, email address and phone number for that individual.

Nominees material will be reviewed by NASCC. NASCC will develop slates of at least two candidates for each position. The two members-at-large will be elected by the APA membership this fall.

Nominations and supporting materials should be emailed to no later than May 21, 2018.