The board member-at-large candidates for this election were nominated by and from the general membership and the final slates were developed by the Needs Assessment, Slating and Campaigns Committee (NASCC). The final ballot will be sent to voting APA members on Sept. 25, 2017 and the election will close Oct. 24, 2017.

Members who have an email address on file with APA will be sent the ballot by email. Those members who do not have an email address will be sent a post card with instructions on how to vote online.

Log in to MyAPA and vote in the 2017 Board of Directors election by using the link on the MyAPA page titled, "2017 Board of Directors Election."

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Member-at-large Candidates: Early Career Psychologist

Le Ondra Clark Harvey, PhD

Amy C. Fineburg, PhD

Jennifer M. Taylor, PhD

Member-at-large Candidates

Richard J. Cohen, PhD

Michael J. Lawler, PhD

Mitchell J. Prinstein, PhD